Where would you be?

I’d be in Hell. Where would you be?


30 responses to “Where would you be?

  1. I’d be in Venice in the 1400s!

  2. Chemicalprojects.wordpress.com

  3. It’s be in San Francisco — the last book I read was The Dirty Secrets Club 😉

  4. Hollywood.
    The other side of me-Sidney Sheldon

  5. Stacy McKitrick

    I’ve been reading so many anthologies lately, I had to go into Goodreads to figure out what the last BOOK was I read. Seems it was Dexter, so that means Miami. Not a bad place to be transported to, I guess. Close to the cruise lines! 🙂

  6. Wind Gap, MO. Sharp Objects.

  7. Glad to hear all these answers. Thanks!

  8. Windsor Castle, 1940. Susan Elia MacNeal; Princess Elizabeth’s Spy.

  9. Los Angeles with Harry Bosch

  10. Paris, with John Rain and Delilah. I’ve been on a Barry Eisler kick lately.

  11. I’d be in New York City.

  12. I’d be in an alt. reality NY, hanging with the THIRDS.

  13. Debbie Williams

    I’d be in Fool’s Gold, CA.

  14. Concentration camp in Germany, would rather not be ther though.

  15. Nazi camp from V. Frankl’s books. Oh crap…

  16. This is a great way to really put yourself inside a story, isn’t it?

  17. eleanor west’s home for wayward children.

  18. London 1918

  19. Believe I would stay right here in Ireland with Beckett, Joyce and John B.

  20. Whitechapel London, fleeing Jack the Ripper.

  21. The Island of Patmos with John

    • Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, 1896.

      On Sat, Apr 9, 2016 at 2:26 PM, lying for a living wrote:

      > Becky Martin commented: “The Island of Patmos with John” >

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