Does it get old? Nope.


My advance copy of Phantom Instinct has arrived. And… ooh, it has that new book smell. It will be published in the US on June 26th. Excuse me while I pet it.

What’s the book about? Kirkus Reviews explains: “Two wounded warriors team up to take down the lowlifes who hurt them and would love to kill them.” And, Kirkus says, the novel’s action sequences “are never less than breathtaking.”

Which makes me awfully happy.

4 responses to “Does it get old? Nope.

  1. Very pretty.

  2. That is so cool. I can’t wait to experience that feeling. Good for you!!!

  3. I lurrvvv that cover!

  4. Congrats Meg! The only time I get that feeling is when I print out my ‘final’ draft. But it must be so exciting and thrilling. As you’ve indicated, it really doesn’t get old!

    Best of luck with this new one. I know I’m going to be putting in my pre-order here pretty soon. We get it the same day as the US here in Canada!

    Here’s to another huge success!

    ~ todd

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