My first author photo


As I unpacked a box yesterday, this photo fell out. It was taken when I was five or six, and just learning to hold a pencil. In other words, right about the time I started writing stories. (Where “writing” means “drawing stick figures of ponies” and “stories” means “what I told my mom about the ponies.”) Call me a graphic novelist. My first effort was titled “Pearl, a Horse.” Pearl worked in the traces pulling a plow. Her owner was mean. In the final drawing, she jumped the fence. FREEDOM!

Moral: Sometimes your passion calls to you early. Don’t ignore it. Even if it takes decades, find a way to do what you love.

3 responses to “My first author photo

  1. I think your story has it all. Conflict, motivation, satisfying resolution. A determined heroine to cheer for, a villain to despise and fear.

  2. Love it.

    My first story was “The Frightening Clock Mystery.” Guess who I was reading?

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