I’m giving away five signed ARCs of Phantom Instinct


I have five galleys of my upcoming novel Phantom Instinct that I’m going to sign and give away. The novel will be published in the USA on June 26th. If you want a chance to have me send you one of these advance reader editions, leave a comment below. I’ll draw names to choose the five winners.

The giveaway is open until 12 noon EDT Thursday, June 5.

UPDATE: Time’s up! I will draw the winners’ names and post them soon.

UPDATE 2: The winners.

100 responses to “I’m giving away five signed ARCs of Phantom Instinct

  1. Me! Me! Me! Oh-oh, Me!

  2. Well, on your recommendation I already ordered a signed copy from The Book People but I wont say no to the chance tonwin an ARC!

    • I should emphasize that these are paperback galleys… that is, they’re early editions that haven’t gone to the proofreader, so they aren’t exactly the same as the hardcover you’ll get from Book People. I will enter your name in the drawing!

  3. Pick me, please pick me 🙂

  4. Anne McLauchlan

    Dear Ms Gardiner

    ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

    Your sincerely

    Anne McLauchlan

  5. Love your novels! Can’t wait to read this one!

  6. Pick me, Pick me ! Please 🙂 Would kill for a good thrill

  7. My book club is meeting this week and I will share if I win …

  8. Sweet! Would love to read your book early!

  9. Entering for my husband, he is a HUGE fan. This would be an amazing gift for him!

  10. Susanne Svoger Have

    I would love to get a copy so I hope that you will pick me and send one to me here in Canada 🌹🎁👍❤️😃

    Best regards

    Susanne Svoger Have

  11. If you draw my name but not Donna’s, give my copy to her.

  12. Put my name in the hat!

  13. Not going to beg. Not going to say please. Just: gimme, gimme! (Ok, pretty please?)

  14. Pick me!

  15. Please, Please, Please Pick Me!!!!!! I do honestly enjoy your books–I look forward to reading each and every one of them.

  16. Stacy McKitrick

    I want one!!

  17. Let it be me!!!! Then I won’t have to wait until the German edition will be available. Just love your books and this one will certainly be as thrilling as all your other Books.

  18. I would love to have your new book. I have all of your previous books some I had to buy from England.


  19. Hi please put me in the draw. My wife is a huge fan I’d love to surprise her with this.
    Chris MacDonald

  20. Donna Gilbert

    Meg’s books read like butta! Figure that out! Did I win?

  21. Monita Gruhlke

    Being marooned with a broken foot, I would LOVE to have an ARC of your new book! It would make my day, week, month and summer!

  22. Stacey Williams

    Would love a copy! I enjoy your work!

  23. Bill Gottfried

    We miss you already in England. Toby and Bill Gottfried

  24. Ooh! Can’t wait.

  25. Oh joy! An un-proofread copy. Then I could get all the glee of picking out the errors.

  26. Have really enjoyed Mdg Gardiners novels.

  27. Beverly Farley

    Hi Meg! I have been anxiously awaiting your next novel! While I absolutely love your series characters, I’m also very fond of your stand alone novels. Please pick me!!!

  28. I really would like to have one. Every time I finished one of your new books, I’m craving for the next one!

  29. Tony Hatherley

    I loved you when you were over here in London and I still love you and your fantastic books even though you have left us absence makes the heart grow fonder,if I don’t get a copy of your new book from you I will buy it anyway ,love Tony xxx

  30. Meg, I don’t think there’d be a better way to start summer than with your next book. And a signed ARC to boot? That’d be really sweet.

  31. Denise Larsen

    Oh! This would make my day!!

  32. Would love one!!!!

  33. Arthur Sansam

    I would love one – not sure you would send to the UK though?

  34. I love your novels, sometimes it is just necessary to escape into one of your books. Love the way you take me into that place you are an incredible writer would love to have a free book of yours . Darelyne
    thanks for all the journeys you have taken me through

  35. Paulette Feeney

    Okay! I will definitely read this, but free is better, right? Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I’d love one! Anyone recommended by Amanda Kyle Williams MUST be a good author!!

  37. Debbie Krenzer

    I would love to win!!! And, I review every book I read on Amazon and Goodreads!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  38. Pick me! Pick me! Any author AKW promotes is a must read for me. 🙂

  39. Shannon Harris

    Count me in.

  40. Please feed my addiction!

  41. Instead of drawing names here’s a swell idea: give me a galley.
    Yep. This is what I’m thinkin’.

  42. Donna Landers

    Haven’t had the pleasure of reading you yet, so pick me!!

  43. Please, pick me! I would love to get a copy!

  44. Debby Martinez

    Am once again reading Shadow Tracer. It was my selection to read on an airplane returning to the US from Switzerland because I knew it would keep me awake! Mission accomplished. Most of my reading time is in the evening and my only issue with your books is that I don’t want to put them down and therefore stay up much later than intended! Your writing is THAT good! Hope you enjoyed your recent visit to SB and I’m looking forward to the newest offering.

  45. Would love an advanced copy! I’ve been looking forward to your next effort since completing Shadow Tracer.

  46. Donald Brewster

    Yes, please!

  47. I would love an advanced copy.. If I’m not chosen, I’ll be watching for it on the shelves. Best of luck to all who entered!

  48. Carrie Froseth

    I love your books and I collect ARCs. I would love to win a copy!

  49. I would love to have one. I would be happy to do a review in Goodreads and help publicize your book on FB.

  50. Barbara Dover

    Signed ARC for me? Yippee!

  51. sleuthsisters

    I would love the ARC to do a review!

  52. Yes, yes, yes! Me, me, me!

    Can you tell I’m excited?

  53. Love your books!!

  54. Juli Bump Vaughan

    I have been waiting since last summer for your next book! YAY!!! I can hardly wait.

  55. Susan Manning

    I wasn’t going to enter, I won one before. You just had to keep posting about it. Whether I win this or not, I’m reading it. I love your work and I’ve re-read them all a bunch waiting for the next. Only disappointment is I finish your new release way to quick.

  56. I love your books!

  57. I’ve read 7 or 8 of your books ,enjoyed all of them . Big fan would love to have a signed copy to add to my collection.I tell friends if you want a fast action packed book you cannot put down you have to check out Meg and she is a hoot in real life.

  58. I don’t think I’ve ever won anything …however, since you once told me that you were going to use my last name in one of your books (Peavy)…thought that might bring me some good luck! I’m really enjoying reading your books and am still looking for that name.

  59. Would love to have a signed copy of Phantom Instinct!! 🙂

  60. I just finished The Shadow Tracer and would love to read another of your books!

  61. I’m here! Am I too late? Thank you for the oppourtunity to read your novel!

  62. “Meg, Meg I love you…
    but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!”

  63. I haven’t been through the whole list of comments (shame) and it’s possible that she would not have seen this because of the no FB thing… so…
    Can I also please put my hand up for Dana Jean?

  64. P.S (Crap!) Please can you remove the links from my name, Meg?
    (having a bad day here…) :/

  65. Chuck Barksdale

    Yesterday was my 57th birthday, so that should be enough to win, right? (Sara is funny, so she should win too.)

  66. Claire Heskiel

    Always have been a fan and always will be ( even if I don’t win !)

  67. Meg it would be he thrill of the year to win one of your ARC’s you are one of the very best writers out there today and look forward to seeing you at T-Fest again in July
    Russ ilg

  68. Please, please, please from Tassie (Australia)

  69. Pick me!!! I had a friend studying in Oxford send me copies of your books before they were available in the US!!!

  70. Pick me!

  71. Count me in! Would love a chance to read it early!

  72. I haven’t read your books before, but would love to try your new one!

  73. Stephanie Johnson

    I am sooo looking forward to reading this! I love your books 🙂

  74. I’m definitely in, can’t wait to read it!

  75. Parker Ransom

    Awesome. What a clever (great) idea. So count me in. If I win … I may even share the galley’s with Susan!! And … even if I do … I promise to buy the book anyway. Don’t want the author to be on the streets.

  76. I would love one. Thank you.

  77. I would love a signed copy – but you know we will buy it either way

  78. “We all came out to … on the Lake Geneva shoreline”

    Imagine you can have your dear love playing the famous riff and you singing with your book landing here 🙂
    BTW: you should be come along to Morges in Sept for the Book Fair, Le Livre sur le Quai (quite few americans pop in regularly)


  79. Very generous giveaway. Thank you! Looking forward to reading this book.

  80. Thanks for entering, everybody. I’ll post the winners’ names soon!

  81. My copy is already on order. However, if I do happen to be chosen at random, I will happily give it to a member of my family. It would be a great gift.

  82. As I have such a looong time to wait for publication here in the UK you would be making my summer holiday perfect!

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  84. I have not read one of your books yet, but now is a good time to start. Thanks so much

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