Picture me in a Lamborghini, midair

People always ask writers: Where do you get your ideas? I promise you one thing: I try not to get my ideas from action movie cliches. But if I did… this is how the story would turn out.

Yesterday I linked to a weird news tidbit out of New York City:

From that article:

CBS News reports that a Diablo was found “on fire and unoccupied” on the Jersey side of the bridge, near one of the westbound toll plazas. The police are now searching for the driver, because someone who can’t be bothered with trying to rescue a $200,000 Italian sports car from total destruction is clearly up to no good.

Of course they were. A thriller writer could not think otherwise, which is why I tweeted the story. In response, fellow twitterer (and friend of this blog) ChaosNexus got into the spirit of the story. Things developed from there.

Perfect. Imagine me sailing through the air in a flawless swan dive. In slow motion. For the full effect, picture all that with “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana playing:

2 responses to “Picture me in a Lamborghini, midair

  1. I can picture both of you doing these things. (Note to self: Hide the keys to the Lamborghini.)

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