One woman, seventeen British accents

For Americans who think they know what a British accent sounds like: Siobhan Thompson brings you 17 of them, via a quick tour of the British Isles.

6 responses to “One woman, seventeen British accents

  1. How fun! I wish I could do just one. Is there a Rosetta stone for British accents?

  2. Good stuff.
    That’s why I liked the reference in Mrs Doubtfire made by Pierce Brosnans character about the mish mash accent Robin Williams character was doing. Most people hear only actors versions of the real British accents. Most linguists will tell you there is a great variety of accents right within the environs of your own city, whether you are in America, Canada or England. My mother was from Glasgow and my Dad from Hull Yorkshire, I was born in Ontario so I speak a kind of mumble-ese Canadian….

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