The Gardiner Library Big Book Giveaway

Phantom_InstinctThis week — Thursday June 26th — my new stand alone thriller Phantom Instinct goes on sale in the USA and Canada. It’s my twelfth novel. To celebrate publishing an even dozen books, I’m joining with Penguin to give away my entire library.

You heard me. I’m holding a contest. The winner will receive a copyย of every one of my novels.

All of them. From China Lake to Phantom Instinct.

Shadow Ransom River Nightmare Thief US TLL_US TMC_US_pb dirty-_secrets_us kill_chain crosscut jp_us mission_us chinalakeus

To enter, leave a comment on this post. Answer this question:

Where will you be reading Phantom Instinct this summer?

The giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada. The winner will receive a Penguin USA edition of each of my novels.

As always with contests I run on this blog, my choice of the giveaway winner will be megalomaniacal, capricious, and final.

Last chance to enter: Friday June 27th, 11:59 EDT.

Good luck!

UPDATE, JUNE 28TH: The giveaway is now closed. I will announce the winner Monday morning, June 30th. Thanks to everybody who entered.

93 responses to “The Gardiner Library Big Book Giveaway

  1. Since this is FIFA World Cup month, I will be reading Phantom Instinct between football matches at my home in sunny and hot Northern California.

  2. Reclining under a shade tree.

  3. Betsy Kanouse

    I have a special chaise lounge that I use for reading. I will be sitting there, ignoring all of the laundry, cleaning and cooking.

  4. Sitting in my chair, staring across the Bay toward Treasure Island and the East Bay.

  5. Probably in my livingroom, maybe back yardas vacation isn’t until September and I will not be waiting that long!

  6. I will be reading over my husband’s shoulder as he is a HUGE fan of yours!

  7. I’ll be reading Phantom Instinct on Orange Beach in Alabama in Vacation!

  8. Black Sea Coast. Ass in the sand and roaring of waves in my ears.


    I’ll be enjoying it this summer on my porch in Michigan.

  10. Barb Willis Maletsky

    I will be reading your awesome novel out on our patio with the misters going in good old Ridgecrest/China Lake trying to stay cool in the 110ยฐ heat ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’ll be reading it while sitting with my dad at chemo.

  12. On my front porch!

  13. I will be reading it in Brazil, updide down, between World Cup games!

  14. Donna Gilbert

    As soon as your new book automatically downloads onto my electronic reading device ( I’ve pre-ordered ), I will stop what I am doing and read the whole thing. I might be driving, God forbid, or showering, shopping, or screwing on a lid. I’ll maybe be in a meeting, or at the Vet, I’ll read it to the Doctor, I’ll read it to my pet. I’ll read it when I’m happy, I’ll read it when I’m sad. I’ll read it loud to everyone until they think I’m mad. I’ll read it in the park, I’ll read it in the dark. I’ll read it here, I’ll read it there, I’ll read your new book everywhere! Somebody stop me…

  15. I will be reading on the deck surrounded by 7 rescued dogs!!

  16. I will be reading it at Carolina Beach, NC while on vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Funny you should ask … Normally it would be here, in my home in lovely Canada. However, I have trip to Seattle then Portland planned and I decided an adventure is just what is needed for the four hour bus ride between the two cities. And, since it will be on my e-reader, it would be lovely to win a paper copy!

  18. I’ll be reading with my book club, they all loved Ransom River by the way!

  19. It would have to be under the family tree! Always keep an eye out for runaway grandkids!

  20. I’ve been to the USA, does that count?

  21. I’ll be reading PHANTOM INSTINCT near the west steps of the California State Capitol Building, in full view of numerous staffers, legislators, and lobbyists. During my breaks and lunch hour, I love to read on a bench surrounded by the beauty of the Capitol Park grounds. When away from the office, I’ll happily cocoon with a book or two in my luxuriantly appointed bed or comfy living room recliner. Someday I’ll have a pool constructed in the backyard with an eye toward creating another relaxing reading spot.

  22. Kathy Goldberg

    I will be reading from the pre-loved rocking chair we saved from the roadside trash on our back deck at the cabin. The birds love to keep me company. The water rushing by the river rocks is the perfect background noise.

  23. I am nursing my mother through her last days of pancreatic cancer so I’ll be reading it to escape into another world, I’ll be at home. Good luck with the book, shall look forward to reading it even if I don’t win. LOVED “Shadow Tracer” xoxo

    • Siobhan, I wish you peace in a terrible time. My family has a history with cancer, and if you could use another person to talk to, please let me know here.

  24. I will be in the back yard in my swing surrounded by four cats, two rabbits, and the Beagle from Hell. I should win because the 27th is my birthday.

  25. Yes, looking forward to it.

  26. heatherrobison

    I will be reading it on my cruise to Grand Turks!!

  27. Feet up, dog by my side in my recliner a home!

  28. I’ll be in a small town in Kentucky cuddled up on my couch with my cats reading it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Well…if I’m lucky I’ll read it on my screened in porch. But more likely at work on a quiet Sunday!

    Congrats on an even dozen!

  30. In a remote Alaskan outpost, just big enough for one swimming hole and one bar which has the only flush toilet in town, and if you’re meandering home from said bar under the midnight sun, you’ve got plenty of company.

  31. Colette Jelineo

    I will be reading PHANTOM INSTINCT on my deck overlooking beautiful Seattle!

  32. By the pool in Kaanapali, Maui. I can’t wait to buy it in Lahaina on Thursday!

  33. In my backyard while I take breaks from painting my house. By hand with a brush. By myself.

  34. I’m sure I’ll read it like all your other books I’ve read, obsessively, stopping only to enthusiastically discuss it with others.

    • Distracted to the point of forgetting to mention that I will carry it with me and read it at every opportunity I get throughout my day.

  35. In my den, late at night with the ceiling fan on and a cold drink by my side. (It’s Hotlanta here!)

  36. Sara Bernardin

    I will be reading it in the states of anticipation and excitement

  37. I will read it at home, in a comfortable chair or outside on the deck, with a glass of wine and no distractions. Will try and read in a weekend.

  38. Read it? You mean devour it. In the hammock, with a glass of iced tea, guiltlessly ignoring all the other things I should be doing.

  39. Stacy McKitrick

    Most likely on my couch in Dayton, Ohio. Of course, I’ll be carrying it with me wherever I go (like I do all books I’m reading), because you never know when you have time to pass.

  40. I’ll be reading Phantom Instinct on my back patio next to the pool!

  41. I will be reading it in the backyard in my chair with a cool drink here in Eureka, CA

  42. Christine Romans

    Vermont in August!! Preferably sitting on the deck of our rental unit looking at the nearby ski area on the side of the mountain soaking up the sun.

  43. Denise Wilkins Hanten

    I will be reading and sharing with fellow classmates at the Dos Pueblos High School Class of 74 Reunion!

  44. I will be reading your new novel, Phantom Instinct, anywhere that I am fortunate to be– my living room, the library, sitting in my parked car- while waiting for my children to get done with their different activities.

  45. Why at the pool of course!!

  46. I will be reading Phantom Instinct in my living room sitting in my favorite spot on the couch.

  47. Elin Zinsmeister

    I will be reading Phantom Instinct over my daughter’s shoulder, because she steals every one of your summer thrillers from me as soon as I arrive poolside!

  48. I will be reading on my yacht in the Bahamas, while getting a massage and drinking rum.

  49. Sherlee Boyle

    These books are great for the beach. I would love reading them at Aptos Beach, Ca. Hope I win!!!

  50. Michelle Justiniano

    I will be reading Phantom Instinct during my vacation in NY in mid-August! So excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. On my breaks at the library where I work!

  52. Our perfect vacation: diving in the Indian Ocean at the Maldives, then relaxing on the deck of our cabana with a cool drink and your book! After I win all the books, I will plan trips to each setting and then blog about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Andrew Buttery

    I an looking forward to reading this in an adirondack chair overlooking the rocky Maine Coast.

  54. I vow to read it
    here or there.
    I’m sure to read it
    I’m know I’ll like
    your book, dear ma’am.
    I’m sure I’ll like it
    Yes, I am!

    Your book– I’ll read it on a boat.
    Or maybe while I cross a moat.
    I’ll read it on the way to Maine.
    Or likely hanging from a crane.
    Read in a park! Read while at sea!
    Read in a bar! Read while I ski!
    Perhaps I’ll read it in a box.
    Or read it while atop some rocks.
    Perhaps I’ll read it in a truck
    Or read it while I hunt a buck.
    And while I read all best beware
    To not disturb me, do not dare.
    And if my read is stalled, oh damn!
    I’ll yell, I’ll scream, โ€œGo git and scram!โ€

  55. …ideally, not on my Kindle! Otherwise, I’ll be reading it on a beach, naturally.

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  57. I’ll be reading it in a queue to purchase more copies for friends.

  58. I’ll be taking it to the hospital with me when my mom has surgery in July. If I’m not finished (which I doubt) by the time I got to see family in Indy, it will go with me there as well.

  59. I will be reading it on the beach in Sea Isle City NJ, while the water comes up and tickles my toes as I smell the salt air and feel the cool and/or hot sand. But only in my mind. In reality, I will be reading it here in Ohio, probably on the deck overlooking the hills out back!

  60. I will be reading it in the doctor’s office for my broken foot! Can’t wait to get it.

  61. I’ll be reading it from the serenity of my backyard hammock. The only interruptions from my trance-like state will be the need to swat at some pesky fly or the abruptness of the annoying whirr of my neighbor’s weed whacker.
    So looking forward to it!

  62. Donna Pettigrew

    I will read your new book on the shady front porch of my new log home (new to me anyway), sitting in my porch swing and sipping iced tea while glancing up occasionally to look out over the gently sloping yard that leads to a slow moving creek.

  63. Will be reading it on my back deck.

  64. Well, as i like to listen to audiobooks (just bought this one audio), I will probably be listening as I sew. I download the files to iTunes and then put it on and sew away. I get a lot of reading and sewing done that way. I also take compelling books along on my drives around town, so you and I might have some car time together as well.

  65. I have many of your books, which means if I win, I’ll just have to give those extra copies away and spread the love! Great contest and congratulations on 12 novels!

  66. I will be reading it at home! Appreciate the opportunity!

  67. sitting on my screened-in back porch in my dream home built in 1938 that my husband and I bought last year….ahhhhh, that’s enjoyment ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Kathy Fritzley

    Where won’t I be reading Phantom Instinct would be a better question as the list would be much shorter!

  69. I’m on the wrong continent for this give away but I will be reading it whilst enjoying strawberries and cream and between Pimms and punting and Wimbledon in sunny England

  70. I would love to read it on the beach in South Carolina. But I will most likely read it on my back deck in Indianapolis. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. In the hallways and lobbies of the Orpheum Theater during The Book of Mormon run. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Tess Armstrong

    I will sit on the patio under the shade tree. A perfect place to read your newest novel. I will read it out loud to my mother as she can no longer see well enough to read. She enjoys a great novel.

  73. Donna Kolodziejski

    I’ll read it at home. We live near the beach (not on the beach) and when I’m not working, I will read

  74. As with all my favorite summer reads, in my kiddie pool in the backyard. I don’t have any kids, it’s just my reading pool.

  75. I’ll be reading in deepest Alaska, in anticipation of my step-sister’s wedding!

  76. I plan to read it in a halon vault underneath the Library of Congress, hoping my nemesis doesn’t pull the fire alarm to rob me of oxygen.

  77. I will be balancing the book(s) on packing boxes, as I encase my entire life in cardboard and move to the Washington, DC — I need something to entertain me while I’m mid-move!

  78. I will begin reading while on a road trip through Wyoming and Utah, between the Uintas and the Wind River Range and the steaming plains of Yellowstone, but will finish them in the chaste confines of a Catholic dormatory in Champaign, Illinois.

  79. The beach, of course!

  80. On the gritty streets of New York.

  81. Janice Bergeron

    I will be on my deck overlooking woods and a river while listening to the birds and other assorted wildlife in CT.

  82. Hopefully I’ll be reading while lounging in my comfy reading chair, but realistically I’ll probably be reading while waiting in various medical offices with my elderly parents and/or minding my various young nieces and cousins.

  83. I will regale the gathered garden gnomes while sitting in my backyard, in my treasured Atlanta Braves camp chair, and I shall from time-to-time pause to refresh myself from the sweating glass of iced tea in the chair’s cupholder.

  84. on my iPad’s Kindle app on the back deck of our apartment, evenings and weekends in the SoCal summer heat. Looking forward to it – and would love to have a complete collection.

  85. So sad!! When will you think of your fans over here in Germany? What a fantastic chance: copies of every one of your novels ….I can’t imagine a better gift!! Perhaps, one day ….
    All the best for your new thriller. I already told my son, who will be in Florida in August, to buy for me. And then I will read it here in Mรผnster, Germany.

  86. I will be reading it on my iPad, hopefully this weekend, probably instead of doing household chores!

  87. Enjoying Phantom Instinct with Iced Green Tea at Starbucks, how refreshing.

  88. Curled up on the LazyBoy recliner in the living room – getting up only for bathroom breaks.

  89. Thanks for all the great answers. I’ll announce the winner shortly!

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