Texas finds Phantom Instinct: KUT Radio, Austin Chronicle

Here are a couple of links to media-type stuff about Phantom Instinct.


KUT Radio, the Austin NPR affiliate, interviewed me about my new novel. The interview will be broadcast next week, but you can listen to it online right now, and read a summary at KUT.org:

Austin Author Meg Gardiner Thrills with ‘Phantom Instinct’:

“Gardiner’s protagonists are usually women.  And these women generally don’t have special training. They don’t have secret weapons. They’re just determined.  ‘I’m an ordinary person. I try to think what would happen if I were faced with the collapse of my world and chaos breaking and bad guys coming after the people I love. I think readers like to see  how ordinary people find the resources to rise to the challenge and that’s what a lot of the heroines in my novels do.'”

And as part of its “July is Crime Month” series, the Austin Chronicle reviews Phantom Instinct:

Austin resident Meg Gardiner is climbing the literary ranks of some pretty impressive company, and die-hard thriller fans aren’t the only readers likely to enjoy her latest crime fiction starring the razor-sharp wit of main character Harper Flynn. Peppered with gruesome henchmen, brutal betrayals, friendships forged in scar tissue, and, naturally, a love triangle, Phantom Instinct leaves the reader questioning her own gut and glancing sideways at strangers…

Gardiner reignites our love for suspense novels with plenty of plot twists and pacing that propels. But it’s Flynn’s tightrope walk between a hard-knock life and her healing heart (plus a notably intricate backstory) that drives through extended scenes of tension and some staccato lines of drama reminiscent of Law and Order: SVU. Fast-paced and fun, we’ll catch our breath and hope Harper Flynn makes a return.

I’m definitely starting to like this town.

3 responses to “Texas finds Phantom Instinct: KUT Radio, Austin Chronicle

  1. Wow, Phantom Instinct has had fantastic reviews. Congrats! Can’t wait to read it. But first I must GET TO DA CHOPPAH!

  2. Yeah, but what’s got Billy so spooked?

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