What’s everybody watching this summer?

The world continues to be its messed up self. How’s everybody taking a break from the news? Aside from reading, I mean. Reading is assumed.

Here’s what I’ve been watching this summer.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Edge of Tomorrow
Into the Storm


Game of Thrones
House of Cards
The Strain

You may notice a thick thread of SF/F escapism, overlaid with Machiavellian politics. That’s my summer* fun. What’s yours?

*If you live in the southern hemisphere, please tell us how you’re staying toasty warm in these winter days.

16 responses to “What’s everybody watching this summer?

  1. So far this year I have seen one movie. Jersey Boys which I would say is even better than the play.
    The Leftovers
    The Last Ship
    Phantom Instinct
    The Wolf In Winter
    The Good Girl
    The Son

    To avoid the insanity the world is engaging in, I try to avoid the news. But it’s hard/

    • Good list. I should have added Jersey Boys to mine. I left the theater dancing.

      I’ve seen one episode of The Leftovers so far, on my son’s recommendation. Spooky and intriguing.

      Thanks for putting Phantom Instinct on your reading list. 🙂

      • Waiting for your next novels to come out in the summer has me wishing the winter would speed by. This is not normal behavior for Floridians in general. :>) Then again, finding a Floridian who could be labelled “normal” would be an exercise in futility anyway.
        Have you heard of the Wayward Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch? The first book, Pines. is set to be a TV series later this year. Intriguing plot.
        Also, I forgot to mention, Extant is turning out to be a terrific summer series.

  2. Had intended to inaugurate the summer with Godzilla, but hightailed it out of town. Question, Meg. Will watching it on the 64″ big-ass embarrassment of a TV (that son #2 talked husband into buying) do justice to the film, or is it strictly a theatre experience?

    Did see:
    Boyhood (absorbing 3 hr journey through 12 yrs of life) Now want to belatedly see Slacker and Dazed and Confused. Loved Bernie and School of Rock but hated the pretentious, talky Before Sunrise series.

    A Most Wanted Man (heartbreaking seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman at the top of his acting game but looking so weighed down by his own demons)

    Lucy (great fun seeing Scarjo annihilate Taiwanese drug thugs as her brain usage expands)

    Missed Jersey Boys, but finally saw the stage show thus summer!

    Also missed The Fault in Our Stars which my high schoolers love, boys and girls alike.

    Want to see The Giver this weekend. Many students say it was their favorite middle school read. Finally sat down one afternoon this summer to read it. Terrific Charlie Rose interview this week with author Lois Lowry, Jeff Bridges, the director, and talented young Brenton Thwaites.

    Not much time for TV this summer, but . . .
    House of Cards
    Finally started True Detective. Riveting!

  3. I also saw Edge of Tomorrow & Into The Storm. Saw Jersey Boys in a night out with the girls–too bad the other movie patrons didn’t get the memo that it was sing-along night! 3:) I am continuing with the “Defiance” addiction, however, my “Under the Dome” jones is slipping. I think they have jumped the shark. 😦
    Meanwhile, going back to work in the school system isn’t exactly escapism, but does keep one busy.

  4. Stacy McKitrick

    Saw “Guardians of the Galaxy.” That was fun.
    Watching (well, recording) “Extant” on TV. I’m three episodes behind, but it’s been interesting. And I’m a die hard fan of “True Blood,” which is in it’s final season.

  5. Hiker Chick: On a 64″ screen, Godzilla’s big ass will look plenty bigass. And I’m glad you’re into True Detective – I thought it was fantastic.

    emgee51: Glad you led the singalong.

    Stacy McKitrick: I haven’t yet watched True Blood, but I could listen to the theme song all day long.

  6. TV:
    – The Last Ship
    – American Ninja Warrior (Go Kacy Catazaro!)
    – Both seasons of The Americans
    – Firefly. Seriously, did the Fox network (or any other, for that matter) more completely screw the pooch on any show, especially one this so rich and satisfying?

    Movies (our DVR gets a thorough workout every time Dish gives an HBO/Cinemax free weekend (nothing really new on the list)):
    – Star Trek Into Darkness. I’m honestly surprised by how much I liked this, given how unimpressed I was with the first JJ Abrams reboot.
    – Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World
    – About Time
    – Serenity

    – Anything by the Tedeschi Trucks Band
    – King of the Delta Blues Singers by Robert Johnson
    – The soundtrack to Firefly

    – Tad Williams’ door stopper epic fantasy series Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
    – Phantom Instinct
    – Brad Taylor’s Pike Logan series

  7. Damn, I misspelled “Catanzaro”.

    • Yar, they are…. (AB’s) I wish they would take me with them! I think Chicago will handle it, they may even like it. (Maybe…) 😀

      The movie–is fantastic, really worth the watch if you get the opportunity.

  8. *Toasty warm in winter:

    Game of Thrones
    Orange is the New Black
    Orphan Black (Awesome!)

    Nothing new. Just some re-watching of my favourites:
    Seven Pounds
    Forrest Gump
    The Green Mile
    Shawshank Redemption

    Oh wait! Yes, I did go to the flicks a few weeks ago… Meg! You have got to try and see “What We do in the Shadows”. It’s a Kiwi film and Jemaine Clement (from Flight of the Conchords) is in it, he also co-produces, I think.
    I seriously almost needed surgery after watching this–just about re-ruptured my stomach muscles. I hope you can see it. 😀

    • Well, if Jemaine’s in it, I’m there.

      I hear that the All Blacks are going to play in Chicago. I don’t know if the USA is ready for the haka.

  9. Crap! I am rusty at this (sorry) and have posted my reply in the wrong place. :blush:

  10. Caught up on:

    The Blacklist
    American Horror Story Asylum
    Bletchley Circle
    Sons of Anarchy
    Loved True Detective also and I am a House of Cards fan! (although in HofC, they did jump a big horny shark this last season, I was a tad disappointed.)

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