Have some music: Three Nights Live

Here on the blog I don’t talk much about the Husband’s career. But he’s not just an Internet wizard, or a musician, or a spy, or my arm candy. He’s the co-owner of a record company, Goose Creek Music. It’s an independent label that features Americana artists. It specializes in capturing live performances.

Three Nights Live is Goose Creek’s brand new album. It was recorded over — yeah, three nights — at roadhouses in Houston, Austin, and Oklahoma City. The Husband co-executive produced with his partner Mike Pugh. He worked as a roadie. He put 1,200 miles on our Toyota in a couple of days, and shlepped the gear, and set up the sound system, and put the album together.

Here’s one of the songs from the album: “Act of God” by Raina Rose. She’s singing, along with Rebecca Loebe and Bernice Hembree. (Fans of The Voice might remember Rebecca from Season 1.)


Anybody who wants to support these musicians can get the album from iTunes, CDBaby, or Amazon.

2 responses to “Have some music: Three Nights Live

  1. I enjoyed this, nice job everyone! 🙂

  2. Very nice. Is Americana music the same as Folk music? Or are they purposely trying to distance themselves from folk music by calling it Americana for whatever reason?

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