Question time: What do you want to ask me?

Once a year I open the blog to your questions. What do you want to know about my books, characters, writing, or that secret alien base on the far side of the moon? I will try to answer all questions honestly.

The floor is yours.

9 responses to “Question time: What do you want to ask me?

  1. I know I’ve read that you said Evan’s story isn’t over, and I’m wondering if there are any immediate plans for another book. Do you have ideas about the next installment and when we might see it?

  2. I know you prob can’t answer but…nothing ventured nothing gained right? Meg Gardiner andJT Ellison…Jo Beckett or Evan Delany meet Taylor Jackson. Any remote possibilty?

  3. Nerd question about process 🙂 I’m assuming there are lots of fancy tools out there now for plotting and assembling novels. Would you say you take a high-tech approach to writing your novels or are you now secretly hacking away at that 1/4 million dollar Olivetti Cormac McCarthy sold at auction? There may be some options in the middle I hadn’t considered 🙂

  4. Have you ever thought of writing a kindle short story to continue Joe or Evan’s story?

  5. Does Secretariat belong on the list of the 100 Greatest Athletes of All Time?

  6. What other genre(s) would you be tempted to try besides crime? Conversely, what other genre(s) would you rather eat fiberglass that write in? And on both questions, why?

  7. Here is one I have wondered about for awhile which I would ask every author I might eventually meet. When choosing a theme or plot, how do you decide on where to set it? I understand growing up in California you would be familiar with the area for your characters to wreak havoc upon, so I wanted to know what drew you to Oklahoma City (yes, I know you were born there) and then into New Mexico. Will we see a novel set in Austin sometime in the future?

  8. Good questions, everybody. I’ll be answering starting tomorrow. Thanks!

  9. Can we ask personal questions? Are you a grandma yet? If so, Any thoughts for a children’s book?

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