Question Time 2014: Answers

You asked. I reply.

From M:

I know I’ve read that you said Evan’s story isn’t over, and I’m wondering if there are any immediate plans for another book. Do you have ideas about the next installment and when we might see it?

Short answer: I do. And I don’t.

Longer answer: Just yesterday, I was going through the file titled NEXT EVAN DELANEY NOVEL, adding to the outline. The story will be written. But I don’t have a publication date for it yet. Any Evan novel won’t see print for at least a year or two. Hope that’s okay.

From Danielle:

Have you ever thought of writing a kindle short story to continue Jo or Evan’s story?

I’ve thought of writing all kinds of short stories, for Kindle and elsewhere. (My story “Strange Waters” was published in December by the Sunday Express.) In fact, I’ve written an Evan Delaney short story that should be scheduled for publication soon. When I have a date, I’ll let everybody know.

More Q&A tomorrow.

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