Suspense Magazine asks me questions

Suspense Mag

The September 2014 issue of Suspense Magazine has interviews with some very cool authors, including Dennis Lehane, Joseph Finder, and Gregg Hurwitz. They also talked to me.

S. MAG.: Which character in “Phantom Instinct” surprised you with having a larger voice than you thought they would?

M.G.: Oscar Sierra, the black-hat hacker. When I outlined the novel, he appeared in one scene—and died in it. But when I wrote the first draft, he came to life as a goofy, brilliant, strangely innocent cyber-thief. He’s corrupt but lovable. And he’s Harper’s
lifelong friend. When it came time for him to die, he walked into his kitchen, just like in the outline. But instead of getting shot, he opened the door, bolted down the steps, and sprinted for his life.

Plenty more at the link: Meg Gardiner — Be Ready To Stay Up All Night.

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