The Burning Mind: ideas and inspiration

If you want to know where I got some of the inspiration for The Burning Mind (aka Phantom Instinct), check out these interviews.BURNING MIND PIC


“The Burning Mind is about perception. A catastrophic shootout leaves two damaged survivors who must work together to stop a killer. Hunting him down, and coming out alive, depends on accurate perception—by the survivors, the cops, and the people the killer has in his sights. Because almost nobody believes he exists.

And things may literally not be what they seem.”

And over on, I talk about When Our Eyes Deceive Us.

Years ago, I stepped into a lift and came face to face with an old boyfriend. The door closed and an awkward moment worsened—he ignored me.

The rest of the interview is at the link.

2 responses to “The Burning Mind: ideas and inspiration

  1. Very inspiring! I also had to laugh when I read your elevator “awkward moment”! You really are an inspiration to me, and that has helped me reach my goal in Nano! Thank you! 🙂

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