The Burning Mind: Crime Review’s review

Linda Wilson of Britain’s Crime Review offers some thoughtful words about The Burning Mind (aka Phantom Instinct):


“The thing I like so much about MG Gardiner’s books is her ability to throw ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances and let them sink or swim. Or, in this case, do a lot of floundering in some very murky waters. Her characterisations is as good as ever, quickly bringing Harper, Aiden and Erika to life, and gradually peeling back some of the protective layers wrapped so tightly around Harper herself. […]

“The Burning Mind gets off to an explosive start and gradually gathers pace to a nail-biting climax that left me refusing to put the book down until I’d got to the end. Gardiner’s action scenes have everything: pace, clarity of description, excitement, sharp dialogue, originality and plenty of twists. If you’ve not read her thrillers before, this one will definitely leave you wanting more.”

Which makes me pretty damn happy.

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