Question Time 2015

As I usually do around this time of year, I’m opening the blog to your questions. Ask me anything — about my books, writing, publishing, how to train an army of monkeys to infiltrate the White House — whatever’s on your mind.

I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

11 responses to “Question Time 2015

  1. Meg,

    Long time follower, I appreciate all of the work you have done to improve your craft and the insight into life as a budding author.

    Several questions. What did it feel like to look at something you created as it sat on the book shelf?

    Now that you are a seasoned writer, does opening the box with a new book have the same thrill as it did the first time?

    At what point will you consider yourself a successful author?

    I will have up and listen off line.


  2. AliceAnn Steward

    First of all, thanks for writing great books, as well as maintaining a clever, entertaining blog.

    As a Library Page, I was wondering if you often have to fix the placement of your books at any bookstore or library you browse. I often find your books shelved as if your last name was Gardner, rather than Gardiner.

    Also, when you’re traveling around promoting your current book, do you find it extremely difficult to concentrate on your current WIP, or do you channel all your energy into one activity?

    Looking forward to your future works.


  3. Hmm, how would you train an army of monkeys to infiltrate the White House?

  4. I’m copy/pasting a comment from another Question Time post, received from Anne:

    I just started your Evan Delaney series and I just love her. Will you write another Delaney book? Or did you have a reason to stop with the 5th book?

  5. Me too. Still waiting for the next Evan and Jesse episode. But I can understand if you’ve moved on. (Maybe though, just a hint of an epilogue?)

  6. The publishing landscape seems to have changed significantly in recent years, with the rise in popularity of both e-readers and self-publishing. There seem to be more books than ever released each year. In addition, I’ve noticed an increased expectation that e-books should be cheap (there are plenty of people who bemoan paying more that 99p for an e-book, when they shell out two or three times that for a coffee!). As a ‘traditionally’ published author of top-quality thrillers, what’s your take on this?

  7. What will your next book be about? Also have you considered writing another book with some of your characters from one of your stand alone books.

  8. Are you Irish?
    Also, how long does Question Time (re-asking about anything) last?

  9. This is almost certainly moot, but represents exactly the kind of language that makes me itch until clarified: My comment above should have read “re. asking about anything”, not “re-asking about anything” (Yikes).
    Thank-you for indulging me twice –
    sorry for inadverdent peskiness

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