Congrats Susan Daly — friend of the blog & published mystery author

From the earliest days of Lying for a Living, Susan Daly has been a loyal reader and wonderful commenter. She’s the person who inadvertently created the blog’s Grammar Geeks Unit. And she won my first ever contest, by coming up with my favorite verb name. UnknownHer prize was to become a character in my novel The Dirty Secrets Club — a television reporter with a past. Her character had a history as a porn star who dressed up as a nun. Susan took it with good grace. As for what happens to her character… sorry, no spoilers.

Susan has been writing for a while, and now she has joined the ranks of published mystery authors. She has a short story in The Whole She-bang 2, an anthology of stories published by Sisters in Crime Canada.

From the book’s page on

This is the second collection of mystery stories by Canadian members of Sisters in Crime… The stories have a variety of characters: shop owners, children, a thief, vengeful women, unhappy wives, a poet, police officers of both sexes and more… The stories are set mostly in Canada, in a wide variety of locations, including British Columbia, Northern Ontario, Alberta and Quebec!

Of course it’s also available from Amazon Canada.

Congratulations, Ms. Daly. It’s wonderful to share shelf space with you.

7 responses to “Congrats Susan Daly — friend of the blog & published mystery author

  1. Oh joy! Thanks a hugey heap, Meg. You are so cool.

  2. Congratulations, Susan!

  3. Stacy McKitrick

    Congrats, Susan!

  4. Thanks Stacy. And congrats to you too.

  5. Stacy McKitrick

    Awww, thank you! 🙂

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