Where I get my ideas, part infinity: the Mini

Meg & MINI

If anybody who’s read Phantom Instinct (or, as it’s called in the UK, The Burning Mind) wonders where heroine Harper Flynn got her love for the Mini Cooper she drives, here’s a clue.

To answer your questions:

  • It drives like a go kart. Yes, it’s economical, and can be parked in a space the size of a sofa. It’s fun.
  • I don’t have Harper’s advanced driving skills. Most of what she does in the book — evasive maneuvers, handbrake turns, donuts in an airplane hangar — I learned from online research, while sitting at my desk. So if you’re looking for a getaway driver, I’m not your woman.
  • Like Harper, I have taught a teenager to drive in a Mini. Granted, we didn’t do J turns while shouting profanities in Russian. But whipping along English country roads with a seventeen-year-old who made car chase sound effects every time we rounded a curve — that was fun, even at 30 mph.

This has been today’s look at the story behind the story.

And the real life seventeen-year-old passed his driving test in that Mini. Manual shift, first time.

4 responses to “Where I get my ideas, part infinity: the Mini

  1. One of my favorite chants when I drive, esp. here in Brazil: “I am a race car driver!” How much more fun it would be if I were driving a MINI!

  2. I did it backwards. I researched what car my character would drive and decided I wanted one, too! So I bought one. And no, it wasn’t a MINI. It’s a little bigger. 🙂

    By the way, both my kids learned to drive a manual and both own one. They seem to prefer them.

  3. Very fun post 🙂 Oh the things that inspire us. I love it!

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