‘Bye, Portland

IMG_0005 - Version 2

Left Coast Crime was a terrific conference. Good panels, good friends, lots to learn, lots of fun. And Portland was gorgeous. It’s rare that I round a corner and gasp. But when I saw Mt. Hood yesterday, that’s what I did. In the photo above, it’s 65 miles away. 100 km. Yeah.

IMG_0842 - Version 2

It was wonderful to catch up with Laurie R. King. (I am selfie-challenged, but fortunately other conference goers rescued me.) And I was the lucky recipient of a gift from Sean Chercover: the Blackwing 602, which he insists is the best pencil in the world. I will let you know.


On Friday I moderated a panel on writing female protagonists. I read up on each panelist, researched and prepared questions for a 45 minute discussion, then prepared more questions, printed my questions, and psyched myself up by humming “Eye of the Tiger.” I went to my hotel room to put on my good shoes and my makeup. Makeup… I had left at home.

You have to understand. I was a tomboy. I hated makeup. I still rarely wear it. Except when I’m onstage in front of a large room under harsh lights. Which is why, 45 minutes before I led a panel discussion on the modern heroine in crime fiction, I had a girly panic, ran out of the hotel, across a park, into a mall, found a Macy’s, sprinted into the cosmetics section, and stood there going, “HELP.”

I got it. And made it back to the panel in time to discuss heroines and stereotypes and breaking all those crime fiction molds. Makeup artists of Portland, I salute you.


2 responses to “‘Bye, Portland

  1. Conference brilliance, a pic with Laurie R King, a superpen from Sean Chercover, girly make-up. All that and a cat show too. Meg, you are living the dream.

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