Today in Weird

JP_JKRich Klinzman sends this strange search result from Amazon Canada. Apparently, the first edition British hardcover of my novel Jericho Point was written by a little known author from Scotland named J.K. Rowling.

And it has a five-star review!

I have no explanation for this. (The mistaken credit, I mean — not the rave review.)

7 responses to “Today in Weird

  1. I knew you were a Muggle! I just knew it!

  2. To me, the weird thing is that the Kindle edition is $10.99 but you can buy it in hard cover for $2.46. The rave review is to be expected 😉 and I think JK is behind the author mis-match — she’s probably trying to boost her sales.

  3. So let me get this straight…. Harry Potter meets Evan Delaney? Cool.

  4. How funny. Loved this book and am patiently waiting for the next Evan Delaney (couldn’t resist getting in a little hopeful nudge).

  5. Speaking of nudging, you have been maddeningly silent about your next novel. Will a dreary summer be rescued yet again by the unparalleled imagination of Ms. Gardiner?

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