Where I get my ideas Part One Million: friends’ nightmares

I know everybody thinks I shiver day and night in my writer’s garret, torturing myself over exactly the right wording for my latest action scene. But occasionally I scurry outside to experience direct sunlight. And sometimes I speak to friends. This morning I talked online with a buddy, who tried to convince me to get together for an outdoor weekend. Her lure: “The county fair means more cheesiness and people watching! So fun. The Rodeo beauty queen rides out around the ring on her horse which means you have to come!” Followed by emoji hearts.

She was trying to soften me up before revealing the real event of the week: an overnight trip to a mountain hut. She finally broke down and said: “There is a disturbing 8 mile hike involved which I will likely skip but the rest of the gang will embrace with enthusiasm no doubt. The hut nightmare is Thursday to Friday.”

At which point I got completely distracted.

Hut Nightmare 1

It was a good use of the word “copious.” It was indeed.

Hut Nightmare 2

At this point I should clarify, to keep my agent and editor from screaming, that I have not in fact abandoned any other work to write a book about the rodeo murders at 11,000 feet. But I have induced a nightmare in my friend’s mind.

Hut Nightmare 4

A dark and stormy night. The best kind of all. Have fun — I’ll be safe at home in my writing garret.

2 responses to “Where I get my ideas Part One Million: friends’ nightmares

  1. Hope the roof is sound. :^)

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