Scene from a writer’s day

SETTING: My world

Me, to my son’s English girlfriend: If I write a story with a British character, will you read it to make sure she sounds authentic?

Girlfriend: Certainly! What’s the story about?

Son: Zombies, right? Zombies!

Me: No…

Girlfriend: What do English zombies sound like?

Son, in falsetto voice: “Braaaiiins, dahling!”

Girlfriend: Or, “Please, sir, may I have–”

Son: “–some braaaiiins?”

This is my life.

7 responses to “Scene from a writer’s day

  1. This is interesting.

  2. As I’ve said before, you could definitely give Dave Barry a healthy run for his money with a comedy caper. Kind of an homage to Donald E. Westlake.

    • But it would be so much more fun to give him an unhealthy run for his money. Maybe via an obstacle course through a snake-infested swamp.

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