Wanna write? Gotta read.


A brief sermon on reading and writing, in Twitter form.

So get out there and write, folks. Write till your fingers and your brains bleed. And when you need to take a break, pick up a book.

Thus endeth the lesson.

6 responses to “Wanna write? Gotta read.

  1. Nice to see Edgar taking pride of place!

  2. Drunk Off Rhetoric

    Great advice! I love reading and thought I had no time for it when I started writing, but it helps immensely. Reading a large variety of great books helps so much when it comes to plot and development, for me.

  3. Stacy McKitrick

    Your bookcase has way too much white space! 🙂 My bookcases are stuffed.
    As for reading… I find it refuels me. Besides, it’s just plain FUN! I always have a book with me.

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