Where I Get My Ideas, Part Infinity + 1: Freaky Search Results

Flight Aware Woo

Today I needed to check the status of a flight from California to Phoenix. I entered the airline and flight number into FlightAware.com and waited for the results.

Then stared.

The strange thing about the search result isn’t the image showing the route from Kansas City to Dallas/Fort Worth. It’s the flight status: Landed 11 years ago.

My lively imagination — by which I mean my fevered brain — immediately generated a series of thoughts, in roughly this order:

  1. Did I type the wrong flight number? I must have. (Checks.) No. I typed correctly.
  2. What the hell?
  4. Twilight Zone.
  5. In the epic novel I will write about this freaky search result, what caused the flight to travel back in time? Was it…
  6. A micro-black hole that dragged space and time into a spiral?
  7. A rift in the fabric of the universe caused by a secret government weapons project?
  8. A dying curse uttered by an evil clown?
  9. What happened to the passengers, and will they ever return to the present?
  10.  Maybe I should call my brother to see if I have his flight number correct. And to warn him, DON’T GET ON THE TWILIGHT ZONE FLIGHT.

Remember, kids: Everything’s material.

6 responses to “Where I Get My Ideas, Part Infinity + 1: Freaky Search Results

  1. That flight status is the best thing I’ve read all day. 😀

  2. So glad I’m not the only one who does this. I saw proof of a weird shift in gravity or the rotation of the earth yesterday, that caused our dog’s stick to float upriver. My husband tried to convince me it was an eddy in the current. I didn’t fall for that one. But seriously, I might be tempted to get on this twilight zone flight.

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