Ask Me Anything: What questions do I wish writers would ask?


Lisa writes:

Kind of silly but… what’s the one question you wish writers would ask that they haven’t yet?

It’s not silly at all. Writers get asked plenty of questions that we don’t enjoy answering. Where do you get your ideas? Who are the characters in your books really based on? Why is your imagination so sick? What’s wrong with you?

I wish writers would ask:

  1. Which scenes were your favorites to write?
  2. Why?
  3. Did all of your favorite-to-write scenes make it into the final draft of the book?

I would love to talk about writing scenes that were so full of passion, drama, surprise, action, or humor that I ended up with my heart pounding, muscles tense, and tears in my eyes. Even though I never moved from my desk chair.

Ask me: Which scenes leave you looking like Joan Wilder finishing a novel in the opening sequence of Romancing the Stone?

8 responses to “Ask Me Anything: What questions do I wish writers would ask?

  1. You know what they ask me all the time, without fail? “How long did it take you to write it?” I cannot explain why this is the question that is always asked.

  2. And now I hope for the answers! Especially #3 to see what survived your editing.

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