Here’s some news about my next book

I’ve been working on a project for a while, and now I can officially announce the news. I’m writing the first novel in a new thriller series. It features a young female police detective who will be drafted by an elite group of FBI criminal profilers to help track and capture the nation’s most notorious serial killers. It’ll be published in the US by Dutton, my longtime American publisher, in June 2017.

And so you know:

  • I’m keeping the plot of the novel under wraps for now. That’s because (1) a work-in-progress is a delicate thing, and talking about it can kill the magic, and (2) my job as a thriller writer is to keep readers in suspense.
  • I’m not abandoning the heroines of my other books. Jo Beckett and Evan Delaney projects are in the works. My other heroines may turn up again as well. I plan on writing for a long, long time, and telling lots of stories.
  • I’m thrilled about this. I’m delighted that I’m continuing to work with Jessica Renheim and Ben Sevier at Dutton. I owe huge thanks to my agent, Shane Salerno.
  • I’m deep into writing the new novel. The phrase that best describes where I am in the process is, “Typing like a crazed monkey.”

I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

5 responses to “Here’s some news about my next book

  1. Hi Meg
    great news we will await your latest offering best regards

  2. The second part of bullet #1 ties right into bullet #2 – keeping us in suspense. Looking forward to the new as well as the old.

  3. New book–yay! So far away–boo!

  4. You go, girl. Type away….

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