The Fargo Location Tour


You know I’m a huge fan of Fargo. I love the movie. The TV show was one of my 2014 and 2015 favorites. I’ve never been to Fargo, North Dakota, itself. But I have now been to a bunch of locations where the TV series was filmed.

Here’s how to make this miracle happen.

  1. Visit friends who have recently moved to the vast prairie of Alberta, Canada.
  2. See the wonders of the Canadian Rockies.
  3. Eat Poutine.
  4. Discover that the TV series was largely filmed in friends’ Calgary neighborhood and omigod there’s a map and omigod the place where Gus Grimly first confronts Malvo is right around the corner and so is Lou’s Coffee Shop and Lester Nygaard’s insurance agency and the sites of so many murders and OMIGOD so is the Pearl Hotel.



  1. Conduct pilgrimage.
  2. Lament that the Waffle Hut (with its associated massacre and bad guy-through-the-windshield-of-a-Corvair scenes) is on private property and must be taken on faith.
  3. Binge watch Fargo with friends.

This is how a thriller writer gets her kicks. What a weekend.

4 responses to “The Fargo Location Tour

  1. A weekend for the ages! Thanks for introducing us to the legend.

  2. Thank you for joining us in fandom.

  3. Ha! I finallly had time to read your posting about Fargo, having assumed you were in North Dakota. So now I see you were actually in Canada for the weekend. Fargo Alberta, eh? Well, I’m sorry I missed you, but since Toronto is nowhere near Calgary, it wasn’t really on. :^))
    (However, if you’re planning to attend Bouchercon 2017, in Toronto, that will be a different story. I’m on the committee)

  4. B’con 2017, eh? Interesting! 🙂

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