Writer’s block: the movie version

This video captures the anxiety and joy of writing. Bonus: drumline! Enjoy…

(Via Slate.)

15 responses to “Writer’s block: the movie version

  1. I get “writers block” at the weirdest times. I’ll go for like 3 days writing and all the sudden I can’t think of what goes next. I hate it because I have a schedule to keep.

  2. Love this! Felt every emotion depicted. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha!
    Well, it shows that far more men than women get writer’s block. At least in the movies.

  4. Loved this and boy have I been there! Thanks for sharing. Mind if I reblog? @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

  5. Reblogged this on COW PASTURE CHRONICLES and commented:
    Thanks to Meg from Lying for a Living for this amusing and realistic depiction of writer’s block. Enjoy!

  6. Was there a clip of Timothy Hutton from The Dark Half in there? I may have missed that one.

    I find authors so mysterious. We really should put you all in a zoo like that Twilight Zone episode.

  7. This video is awesome and so relatable…especially the part about eating and drinking coffee (along with all the troubled/angsty expressions). I also love how this video ended, along with how the drum beats matched the typing speed at the end.
    Ahhh I just love the whole thing!

  8. Just stole this for Facebook, Meg. And, yes, I’m surfing instead of writing. I knew you’d have something inspirational to get me going again!

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