Editing, Olympics, Family Reunion


This week I’m editing my new novel. As I work, this is my view. It is. Really. It’s my office window. I’m looking at it, not at the TV in the living room. Where OLYMPICS OLYMPICS OLYMPICS are on. And please don’t remind me that I can live stream the Rio games straight from my computer or phone. I am editing.

Hang on while I check the men’s beach volleyball score.

Okay, back.

I’m also prepping for my family reunion in Austin this weekend. Dinner’s at six. If you want to see the bats, they take off at sunset from the Congress Street Bridge. Did anybody pick up Uncle Charlie from the airport? I warned you all: If you argue politics, I’m climbing to the roof of the hotel and ripping down the satellite dish so you can’t watch cable news anymore.

But mostly I’m editing. For those who wonder what kind of editorial notes I get on the early drafts of a novel, here’s a taste:

“This chapter needs a better out. There’s no escalation, complication, decision, cliffhanger or revelation but there ought to be.”

I fixed it.

And I’m going to print out that comment and nail it to the wall, to remind myself how every chapter in a novel needs to end.

Back later.

4 responses to “Editing, Olympics, Family Reunion

  1. Technology makes it so easy to watch the Olympics, and so hard not to while you are working. Same problem here. But I see that doesn’t stop someone from tweeting about them! (Isn’t it amazing what women can do after having children?)

  2. Did your Uncle Charlie get picked up? That was a bit of a cliff hanger…Escalation, complication, decision, cliffhanger, revelation – words that just got scribbled on a sticky and stuck to the wall. You could do multiple blog posts on each one. Good luck with the editing.

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