Today in my life: the robocall

(Phone rings)

ME: Hello?

CHIRPY VOICE: Hi! This is Ashley with consumer promotions!

ME: (Thinking… Ashley sounds suspiciously like a recording.)

ASHLEY: How are you today?

ME: I’m hanging upside down on a hook in a meat packing plant.

ASHLEY: Great! You’re eligible to win a Caribbean vacation!

ME: They’re coming for you next, Ashley.

ASHLEY: It’s exciting! Let’s get started!

And I went back to my coffee. Now people in Starbucks are giving me the side eye.

6 responses to “Today in my life: the robocall

  1. This is why I love Caller ID. And glad robo callers don’t have my cell number… Yet. Unlike our house phone. Which is why I LOVE Caller ID. Oh, did I say that already? 🙂

  2. Ha! thanks for that visual, Meg. Ashley has got to go.

  3. How funny. I think about what to say an hour or so later.

  4. That is just great! I love a good sense of humor.

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