CreativeMornings/Austin: Mystery & Storytelling


Yesterday I had an excellent time speaking at CreativeMornings/Austin. I talked to a couple of hundred creative folks about Mystery and Storytelling. There was a lot of energy and I got a real kick out of the morning.


Afterward, I was surprised and delighted when a couple of people posted artwork that illustrated my talk. Ami Plasse drew the picture at the top. Check out his other work on Tumblr ( and Instagram (@amirocks73). Alan Buller drew the “doodle/muddle” immediately above. His website is

I love both these drawings. They’re different, but each capture the essence of my talk. If you want a glimpse of what I said about Mystery & Storytelling, it’s in there.

5 responses to “CreativeMornings/Austin: Mystery & Storytelling

  1. I like both, but especially the second one. As I pick over the words I get hints about what the talk was about. Wish I could have been there. I know I’ve said this before so please consider it a gentle nag: I would love it if you put out a book on writing, or recorded your speaking engagements for those of us far away. I doubt I’m the only one who would pay for something like this.

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