Question Time 2017: Ask Me Anything


It’s that time of year again: I’m deep into working on a new novel, and I’m opening up my blog for your questions. What do you want to know? About writing, research, thrillers, story, the insidious plans of the squirrels to seize power?

The photo above is from my talk to CreativeMornings/Austin on the topic of Mystery. If you have questions on that subject or any other, post them here over the next week, and I’ll reply.

Photo: Julia Robinson.

12 responses to “Question Time 2017: Ask Me Anything

  1. Meg,

    Two questions.

    Does it feel like work yet and do you still get emotional when you hold the newest book?


  2. Will you please come see us in Chicago? On book tour or otherwise?

  3. What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten from a fellow author?

  4. How is the current “noisy” political environment affecting your writing (ability to write and/or content), if at all?

  5. S. King says when he starts a book, he has no idea how it will end. John Irving says he knows how the last page will read when he starts writing. I was wondering which of these groups you are in. And also which is your favorite, London or Austin? Thanks! Doug Moring

  6. Hi Meg!

    Here is my short list!

    How do you pick a location for your books and how much historical research do you do for that location?

    Say you have never been an attorney and you are a new author. How would you get law enforcement to help with information on procedures?

    How do you come up with names for all the characters?

    Do you come up with an idea and go with it? Or do you need to know how it starts and how it will end, then fill in the rest?

  7. Do you ever get a fair way in, say 20k+ words, and decide that it’s not working, and scrap the idea?

  8. I still want to know about those flying monkeys, and, whether
    they will someday make an appearance?

  9. Answers coming up!

  10. A little late getting a question in, but here goes anyway. After all the books you’ve written and all of us readers who love your work, do you believe you are a successful author, or does your inner critic pipe up once in a while?

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