Into the Black Nowhere: Star Tribune, Barnes & Noble, Booklist, LitHub

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A box o’ books has arrived — Into the Black Nowhere, which will be published January 30th.

I want you to read it. You know damn well I do. I want you to pick up armfuls of the novel. Storm the library. Buy enough copies to build a book fort in your living room.

But don’t just listen to me.

Barnes & Noble calls it one of The Best New Mysteries of January 2018.

LitHub has named it one of The Most Anticipated Crime, Mystery, and Thriller Titles of 2018.

And reviews are making me feel happy, and very grateful.

5 new mysteries provide thrills and chills on long winter nights

For me, there’s nothing more thrilling than a harrowing serial killer novel — one where the psychology of the killer is as important as the emotional toll extracted from those hunting them. Meg Gardiner’s second in her Unsub series is gripping on both counts. Her empathetic damaged hero, Caitlin Hendrix, has recently joined the FBI’s elite Behavioral Analysis unit. Caitlin’s past has marked her in a unique way that she willingly exploits in an investigation that morphs from “circus” to “spectacle” when women keep disappearing from a small town in Texas. The case challenges Caitlin in ways I found chilling and un-put-downable. In the middle of the investigation when Caitlin is baiting the killer, she feels an “electric thrill.” I did, too.

— Carol Barrowman, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“With a plot that moves at a breathless pace and a heroine with a history of her own issues, Gardiner’s gripping nail-biter will please fans of Alex Kava, Tami Hoag and even Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lechter novels. Be ready for requests.” ALA Booklist

“Another winner… Crime-thriller fans appreciate her compelling, well-developed characters — both good and bad — her sense of plot, her mastery of heart-stopping twists, and her pace, which is TV-ready, as her recent accomplishment shows, combine to create a rollercoaster of a reading ride.” — Florida Times-Union

And Writer’s Bone says: “Clear your sleep schedule. Cancel all other reading. Meg Gardiner’s follow up to UNSUB drops Jan. 30.”


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One response to “Into the Black Nowhere: Star Tribune, Barnes & Noble, Booklist, LitHub

  1. I’m definitely reviewing this one!

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