Question Time 2018: Ask Me Anything

ITBN at Interabang

I’m home from the book tour for Into the Black Nowhere. While I clear my desk and finish the laundry and start writing UNSUB 3, why don’t you think of some questions to ask me? Leave them in the comments on this post.

And I’m editing the post to add: No spoilers!

Before you ask: I snapped the photo above at Interabang Books in Dallas when I spoke there on the tour. It’s a new independent bookstore and yes, I am in love with the place.

12 responses to “Question Time 2018: Ask Me Anything

  1. Off-topic but timely: What are you and The Husband doing for Valentine’s Day?

  2. Taco Wednesday, because it’s too late to order any Chicago pizza for delivery.

  3. Hi Meg!
    So the guy at the end of the Unsub #1 wasn’t in book 2?

  4. I’m just about finished reading this book. Hope the perps will be caught! Will there be another Caitlin Hendrix book? Love her character! Will she and Sean get married eventually?

    • Yes, there will be another book in the series. I’m working on it now. As for Caitlin and Sean, you’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m glad it sounds like you think they should end up together.

  5. You’re just NOW starting UNSUB #3??? How long do I have to wait until it comes out?
    Yes, I finished #2 today. Loved it!!

  6. Man, I _love_ Torchy’s. Thanks for making me crave a Trailer Park (trashy) when I’m too far away to get one. Although I’m in Austin for 2 days next week, let’s see what happens. You should check out Tyson’s, if you haven’t.

    Question…hmm. Any new embarrassing book research situation like when you were trying to extract yourself from the back seat of a car much to the dismay of your neighbors?

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