Question Time 2019: Ask Me Anything


As we dive into 2019, it’s time for a fresh round of Ask Me Anything. Leave your questions in the comments — about writing, publishing, books, TV, movies, the squirrel apocalypse foretold in Revelation — whatever you’re interested in. I will endeavor to answer.

Photo: Kermit the Frog, the dashing greeter at Herman Brown Free Library in Burnet, Texas. Yesterday I had a great time speaking at the library’s Coffee Talks author series. Thanks to everyone who turned out!

9 responses to “Question Time 2019: Ask Me Anything

  1. When will you be visiting Chicago? There will be pizza..

  2. When’s the next novel coming out in the Unsub series?

  3. Selina Marcille

    Love your books! Any sense of a timeline for the next Evan Delaney book? I have been hanging in the edge of that cliff for way too long and need to know what happens between Jesse and Evan!

    And a second question- what sort of input do you have on audiobook versions of your novels? Do you have any say on readers (who have all been great!) or accents for characters or name/place pronounciations? How involved are you in the whole process?

    That is way more than one question, but I hope you have the time to answer!

  4. Thanks for your questions, Selina. I’m delighted you like the books so much. In reply:

    1. I have the next Evan Delaney novel sketched out, but not yet written. I can’t give you a timeline yet, I hate to say. But if you haven’t read The Nightmare Thief, Evan and Jesse both appear in that novel along with Jo Beckett. More to come!

    2. My audiobook publishers hire the narrators, but many times they’ve asked if I have a preference among several potential readers on their roster. I agree that everyone has been great. Susan Ericksen even won an Audie Award for her narration of The Nightmare Thief! And more than once my audio publisher has asked about pronunciations. They want to do it right, and I love them for it.

  5. With the sad passing of Sue Grafton and no plans to end the alphabet series, have you ever thought what you might like to do to wrap up Kinsey Milhone’s classic tales with a Z Is For…. novel? I know the family doesn’t want anyone to touch it but if there were to be a final novel I can’t think of anyone better than you to write it. Just out of curiosity, do you have any thoughts on this?

    • What a poignant question, Rich. Part of me still can’t believe that Sue Grafton is gone — like so many of her readers, I spent years both longing for the Alphabet series to be complete, and dreading the finish of something I love so much. Then the real world gave us an ending that was more painful than we had considered possible.

      I’m honored that you’d say my name in the same breath as Sue Grafton. But she was a singular writer; her voice WAS Kinsey Millhone. Anything I wrote would come off like fan fiction. No way would I blemish her memory by attempting a pale imitation.

      As much as it aches, the alphabet ends with Y.

  6. Here’s a question posted via Goodreads, and my reply:

    Constanze asks:

    Is UNSUB meant to be a Trilogy or a longer series? Guess that’s my way to find out, if I can enjoy Caitlin Hendrix for the next couple of years … 😉

    My answer:

    Thanks for your question. The UNSUB novels are an ongoing series. #3 will be published this year, and #4 is about to get written. Happy reading!

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