Take care of yourselves

When I finished my book tour for The Dark Corners of the Night, I planned to write a long, chatty blog post with plenty of photos, recounting the wonderful people who made possible the publication of the novel and its successful launch — my publisher, Blackstone; my agent, Shane Salerno; all the bookstores that hosted events, from San Diego to New York; the writers who joined me in conversation at every stop, which made for wonderful evenings and plenty of insight and laughter for everyone who came out. Incredible gratitude goes to Tess Gerritsen, Steph Cha, Don Winslow, Adrian McKinty, Joe Kenda, Amy Gentry, and S.C. Perkins.

I didn’t get around to that long, chatty blog post. COVID-19 overtook my plans. As I know it did yours.

So, for now, here’s a photo I shot while flying home from the Pacific Northwest, coming into San Francisco. Right now, I just want to say: Stay well. Take care of yourselves. Let me know how you’re doing. I hope you’re in touch with loved ones, keeping a safe social distance, reading lots of books (of course!) and holding fast.

6 responses to “Take care of yourselves

  1. Thanks.

    Glad the tour wrapped up before all of this broke out, eh? Things are so strange right now that I’m just trying to take things day-by-day. Reading is keeping me sane, though – and if I’d known all this would happen, I’d have set my Goodreads challenge a little higher! I got to re-read both UNSUB novels before digging into The Dark Corners of the Night – which I think might be the best in the series yet.

    You take care of yourself, too!

  2. Thanks, Johnathon. I should also praise the readers who drove long distances to attend events. Houston to Austin… you’re a champ!

    Stay well, and well read!

  3. Good vibes to all your near and dear, Meg. I’m so behind in reading your books but I’m hearing great things about each and every one!

  4. Thanks, Dana Jean. Good vibes to you and yours, too!

  5. Julie Podgorny

    The Dark Corners of the Night was the best yet!! When should we look for book four in the series? I can’t wait!!

  6. Thanks so much, Julie! UNSUB 4 is coming next year.

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