Whatcha reading? How ya doing?

It’s been a minute since I checked in here. I’ve been busy, I’ve been isolated, I’m writing, I’m urging everyone to register to vote and make your voice heard. And I’ve been reading. Here’s a recent crop of fantastic novels I’ve enjoyed.

What are you all up to? What’s on your reading list?

4 responses to “Whatcha reading? How ya doing?

  1. Still getting used to this strange new world of home-working and video meetings. Currently reading a great ‘cosy crime’: The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra, by Vaseem Khan with Fifty-Fifty (the latest Eddie Flynn legal thriller) by Steve Cavanagh lined up next. But as ever, so many books, so little time!

    • Cozy (gotta go with the ‘Murican spelling) crime has been a lifeline for me these past months. I’ll check out the Khan novel.

      So many books. So, so many…

  2. Just finished Carl HIaasen’s Squeeze Me. Oh wow…. Sounds pretty true-to-life. In places….

    And now I’m reading Death in the Air (no, not Agatha Christie ). A look at the horrific smogs that plagued London forever, killing thousands with a fine impartiality. And how, in the 1950s, the government did what it could to ignore the truth (no, really?) and support the coal industry. Oh yeah, there’s a second plot woven in: the career of serial killer John Reginald Christie. (Both stories are intriguing, but the author, Kate Winkler Dawson somehow decided to combine two books into one.) https://www.katewinklerdawson.com/death-in-the-air/

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