First off: Paul and I are okay. But we’ve had a major house fire. Thanks to superb firefighters, our place is still standing. Thanks to amazing neighbors, Paul was able to save irreplaceable photos and musical instruments. I was out of town and believe me, when the phone rang the last thing I wanted to hear was sirens. But Paul is safe, and we’ll rebuild.

Some of you have already offered to help. Thank you all for the kind words and offers of assistance. I wish I had time to thank you individually. Right now Paul and I are absolutely buried in fire and recovery details. It will be a while before we can reconnect with you. But big love and gratitude to everyone.

11 responses to “Rebuilding

  1. Such an awful thing. Glad you’re okay. Find a new place to write soon.

  2. Sending prayers of comfort, strength & positive vibes. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help out in a more tangible way. You know we love you and we’ve got your back!

  3. Keep your humor. It will get you through anything.


  4. Thank you, all. Your support is much appreciated.

  5. Oh my goodness, Meg…
    But you are both okay, and that is everything.

  6. You know you have a snake if they leave their skin. No sh*t expert snake person.

    And they sound different than a rat. This is not helping.

    I wouldn’t know what either sounded like unless they addressed me directly.

  7. Ha – no, I just wanted to tweet something silly as light relief.

    • I really need to sign up for Twit. I can read a person’s entry, but i cannot read the string of conversation, a box pops up trying to get me to join. 🤣 maybe it’s a sign i need to shut the hell up.

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