Well, this is a terrific surprise

Where should I hang this?! A plaque commemorating HEAT 2 debuting at #1 on the New York Times best seller list — such a cool memento! My thanks for this lovely surprise go to William Morrow Books, HarperCollins, and everyone who made this possible for Michael Mann, me, and HEAT 2: Shane Salerno, The Story Factory, and above all, READERS!

3 responses to “Well, this is a terrific surprise

  1. You and Michael Mann deserve it. I know when a book is elite when it hangs with me, stays in my head and psyche. Heat 2 hasn’t left me since I read it. These are real people living through compelling, unique events and circumstances. McCauley’s crew rip off a Mexican drug cartel. Wardell’s crew rips them off. Who thinks that up? Brilliant. I tell everyone I know about this book. No, I enthuse about it

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