Entertainment Weekly names HEAT 2 one of its Best Books of 2022

This is certainly exciting. And I’m not kidding about that — having a book with my name on the cover make a best-of-the-year list will never get old. It’s an honor and wonderful validation of the hard work and pride that went into writing the novel. I’m thrilled that Heat 2, which Michael Mann and I wrote, has been named one of Entertainment Weekly’s Best Books of 2022.

“Nearly three decades after his now-iconic heist thriller Heat hit theaters, filmmaker Michael Mannreturns to the scene of the crime in unexpected form: a novel. Co-penned with Edgar-winning writer Meg GardinerHeat 2 jumps around in time, exploring the before-and-afters of characters like Al Pacino’s relentless LAPD Lieutenant Vincent Hanna and Val Kilmer’s slippery thief Chris Shiherlis. For a director so well known for his visual impact, he turns out to be a propulsive prose stylist as well; Mann fans will find connections and parallels with many of his films, but any crime reader can feast on the meaty storytelling.” — Christian Holub

Best Books of 2022

4 responses to “Entertainment Weekly names HEAT 2 one of its Best Books of 2022

  1. Certainly a well, well deserved accolade. I blew through Heat 2 in about two days. It was like good candy I kept coming back again and again for. The staccato prose gripped you in little bursts of suspense and excitement. For me it was also educational, it was one of the many books I read this year to form the style for my memoir.

    It was a fascinating continuation of Chris Shiherlis’ story post bank robbery. As the only antagonistic survivor of the Heat denouement and the one whose central stake was his wife and child–whom he could never see again–I always wondered what would become of him. Heat 2 answered those questions in intriguing, realistic fashion. Like I did with my children, he gradually learned to forget. I related to that.

  2. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the novel so much. Thanks for reading!

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