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In the USA:


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Signed, personalized copies are now available from my local independent bookstore, BookPeople:

Book People
603 N. Lamar Blvd,  Austin, TX 78703
(512) 472-5050
Book People is my local bookseller — you can order personalized, signed copies of my books from them.

Barnes & Noble

Apple Books

Indiebound — Buy online from an independent bookstore near you.

And buy from these great bookstores:

Book Passage
51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA
(415) 927-0960

Chaucer’s Books
3321 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 682-6787

Murder By The Book
2342 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX 77005
713-524-8597 / 888-4-AGATHA

Mystery Lovers Bookshop
514 Allegheny River Blvd., Oakmont, PA

The Poisoned Pen
4014 N. Goldwater Blvd. Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 947-2974

VJ Books — For Signed Books!
P.O. Box 3133, Tualatin, OR 97062

In the UK:


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Goldsboro Books — great guys. First editions.

Murder One — crime books

In Canada:


Also available in bookstores around our planet – they’ve been sighted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, Norway, Switzerland and Austria.

Let me know if you catch any.

40 responses to “Buy my books

  1. If you don’t mind used copies, has a few titles for sale.

  2. Eileen Rodriguez

    With Stephen King “shopping” your books on this side of “the pond,” you’ll have and American publisher before long! Bring back Mission Canyon and sell a boxed set so everyone has the opportunity to read all of them in sequence. Good luck!

  3. An author of your talents should be published worlwide. It is so darn difficult to get your books here in the states. I looked on but it would have cost me over $100 to get 4 books and the canada site the shipping is 1-3 months. Something needs to be done about this..the publishers over here have to be morons. I hope, as Eileen said that with Mr. King stating how good your books are, its the reason I picked up Crosscut, that you should be readily available her ein no time.

  4. I also read Stephen King’s article in EW. I always read his articles and always enjoy them. I frequently look for a new, good author, and I was excited to hear that one had been found. Unfortunately, my income is somewhat lower than Mr. King’s nor do I receive “freebies.” (nothing personal, just the facts :)) I looked at Amazon, whose prices are usually not too bad, but I was shocked at the prices. I hope the responses to Mr. King’s article will put a fire under some publisher here in the states. I’ll be watching and waiting! Looking forward to reading your books.

  5. I’ve just recently found these amazing books, and at a wonderful price! I picked up Jericho’s Point after being taken in with the back alone, and since then, I haven’t been able to put it down. I’ve just finished Mission Canyon and crave more! Fortunately, my local shop has priced them at £1.99. bargain for brilliance!

  6. what’s silly about the lack of sites NOT carrying your books is that the ones (very FEW) that do, are charging ridiculous prices for them. albris wants $33 for china lake and a used copy on amazon us is $74!! yikes. meg, your books are a rare commodity over here in the states. at least you have cheerleader SK drumming up interest.

    hope to read you soon.


    steve in hawai`i

  7. update. wrote me back to say they should have a fresh order of books by mid-march.

  8. So glad to hear about murderbooks here in the USA — sent them an email with my “shopping list” today so our little Book Club here on the “island” can read them all. (My China Lake red-ribboned First Edition is to be admired, not read!)

  9. I’m living in Bangkok, and was recently in desperate need of a good book. I went into one branch of Bookazine (a small chain here), nothing appealed especially so ended up with the EW with Steven King’s piece. Stopped for a bite to eat, read the article and went back to the shop, where they had all 4 of the first in paperback. The books are stunning! Just finished Crosscut and am hoping to find Kill Chain here too. For the record, the books were all priced around $10. Thank you for some great entertainment.

  10. I recently read Steven King’s article promoting your books in WHO magazine. This is the sister magazine to PEOPLE published in Australia. I always look forward to Steven King’s articles and thoroughly enjoy his coments and viewpoints. So I look forward to checking out the Gardiner book series soon. Books in Australia are so expensive when compared to American prices…so I hoping my local library, in Mandurah, will have them. Wish me luck!

  11. Just received notice from that all 4 paperbacks are on there way to me. I ordered them on Valentine’s Day so it was a bit of a wait. Each book was $10.00 Canadian with free shipping for orders over $39.00. Not too expensive. Can’t wait to read them!

  12. David here from Houston’s Murder By The Book… we just received a big shipment of CHINA LAKE, MISSION CANYON, and JERICHO POINT — the 1st three Evan Delaneys — all paperbacks, $15.95 each. First-class shipping runs $3.50 for one, or $4.55 for two or three. Feel free to call (888-424-2842 / 713-524-8597) or e-mail ( Thank you!

  13. The only Evan Delaney book that’s currently available as an audio book is MISSION CANYON. I have tried scanning my copy of CHINA LAKE and converting it to digitized text, so that a friend in a wheelchair who is also dyslexic can enoy the books. Unfortunately the digitizing process requires a LOT of proofreading; it will be another year at this rate before I can get him started with CHINA LAKE.

    Does anyone have knowledge about when your books will be issued in audible form? Or is there someone who has already digitized CHINA LAKE, who might send us a copy, and we’ll pay the copyright fee?

    The third possibility is to release the books as digitized ebooks and specifically allow the ebooks to be read aloud by such programs as Microsoft Reader.

    People in wheelchairs spy on the rest of the world, you know; my friend has taken that to the level of fascination with people who do spying for a living. He reads (listens to) everything he can get about men who are spies and the industry of spying. He enjoys Stephen King books, many of which are available in audible form.

    It’s too bad he can’t *read* your excellent five books so far.

    I hope other blog readers will take up this request; many commuters “read” books in audio form as part of their daily commute, so there is a market for many book listeners, as well as readers.

  14. Sue, all of my books have now been published in audio format. MISSION CANYON is currently the only one available for download from, but all the novels are around as audio books. Granted it may take some hunting, but they’re published by either BBC Audiobooks or by ISIS publications. You or your friend might check and Glad you enjoy them – good luck.

  15. Darren Edwards

    Darren here all the way from Melbourne in Australia. Meg, I too also read Steve King’s article on his website as I am always interested in looking for a new novelist. As a big King & Dean Koontz fan I was initially wary about purchasing another crime novelist but I am so glad that I did !! Your books are very hard to find here in Aus but I managed to pick up China Lake on ebay (through a UK seller) and I couldn’t put it down !! I have also managed to get my hands on Mission Canyon & Kill Chain (also on ebay) But I will wait (well try to anyway) when I complete the set as I want to read them in sequence. I am sorry that you don’t get any extra royalities as I purchased on ebay but rest assured that I am trying to find a bookseller that actually sells your books here !! Finally, a BIG thank you for providing such a great & entertaining read!!

  16. I am savoring each and every Evan Delaney novel there is. I was able to get all five in first edition hardcovers in extremely good condition. I am pacing myself because they are way too good to be dashed through so I read one and move on to others and then return to more terrific tales.
    I have told all my friends and family who are readers that they have to track down an read these novels. One problem is that my sister-in-law is blind. I have just spent several hours trying to find these books on tape or even CD for her. There is nothing listed on Amazon.UK but there were several listed at Amazon.CA which was nice but every single one was “out of stock”. I prefer unabridged versions to the point that I will not listen to anything abridged. Can you suggest any other places I might be able to find these books on tape? I have been to ABEbooks, a bunch of audiobook rental and purchase sites and nowhere can I find them. (With the exception of Mssion Canyon for about 50 dollars.

  17. Rich, it sounds as if you’ve done some good research – you might also try ISIS audiobooks, the publisher of the three most recent novels in audio. Give their website a look.

    Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the novels.

  18. Meg, Thank you so very much. Yes, they do have the last three listed in stock. I will be ordering them tis week. Hopefully, they will go back and issue the first two.
    Thanks again.

  19. has your books, too. you didn’t know?

  20. I just read the excerpt of Hill Chain. And wow. Can’t speak for the story line, but your style is amazing. I love it.

    And I live in Canada where Chapters carries your books.

    Ha ha!!

  21. Eh, talk to your publisher. Chapters has your earlier three books available online only for 3-5 weeks delivery. That’s nuts.

  22. these are good books


    please advise the title of the latest Evan Delaney book.
    I was recommended one of your books, Crosscut and now I am an enthusiatic fan, unfortunately in Douth Africa the books are not readily available, and postage overseas can be more than the book.

  24. Hi — The most recent Evan Delaney novel is Kill Chain. Glad you’re enjoying the series. Good luck finding the book.

  25. When is a new Evan book coming? I can’t wait to see what happens between Evan & Jesse after Kill Chain. I’ve enjoyed all the books including Dirty Secrets but want to see more of Evan

  26. Pingback: How about some books? « lying for a living

  27. Meg,
    I e-mailed you about two years ago asking if Evan and Jessie’s story would continue and nothings come about yet. I was just wondering how long it might be until the sequal comes out?? No pressure!


  28. newtowritinggirl

    Hi Meg,
    Quick question: I’ve not read any of your books yet, but am really interested in the sounds of them so am going to start. The Memory Collector sounds great, but should I read The Dirty Secrets Club first?

  29. NTWG: You can read either book first. If you like to read series in order, you might start with The Dirty Secrets Club. But I wrote them so that they can be read in any order. And I’ll never stop you from buying any of my books you feel like.

  30. newtowritinggirl

    Thanks Meg, I wanted to check that one didn’t lead on from the other. I do like to read things in order, but I LOVE the idea of the Memory Collector I want to read it NOW and can’t wait!!!! 🙂

  31. Hello Meg,
    THANK YOU for your books. I purchased the Dirty Secrets Cluba nd then went back through and read all of yours. PLEASE keep writing. I work hard and live the Aerican dream of a responsible life. My one guilty pleasure is reading and you and Lee Child are my absolute FAVORITES.

  32. china lake, mission canyon, the memory collector and the dirty secrets club are out in Dutch translations, and also available as books-for-the-blind (which is a specific audio-format over here). I is happy reader 😉

  33. Hi Meg,

    Just though I’d follow on from my comment (wow, a year ago) and let you know that I’ve just finished The Memory Collector. I Loved it. After reading The Dirty Secrets Club last year, I didn’t think TMC could be any better – I was so wrong. Looking forward to the Liar’s Lullaby!

  34. Branden Weeks

    Thx for information.

  35. Just finished the last page of Kill first introduction to your books! what a white knuckle ride that was…I am desperate to find out what happens to everyone after this book ends..please say there is another book in this series to come?

    • Thanks, Marie. I’m so glad you enjoyed the novel. Evan’s story is not over – and she’s featured in The Nightmare Thief along with my other series character, Jo Beckett.

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