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A reminder: My books

IntoTheBlackNowhere    1121 UNSUB

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Every now and then, readers ask how many books I’ve written, and what the titles are. Here’s the list as of February 2019. Into the Black Nowhere is the most recent. Click on each cover to learn more about each title.

And if you want to know the order in which they’ve been published, here you go. From first to fourteenth:

Evan Delaney novels:
China Lake
Mission Canyon
Jericho Point
Kill Chain

Jo Beckett novels:
The Dirty Secrets Club
The Memory Collector
The Liar’s Lullaby
The Nightmare Thief

Stand alone novels:
Ransom River
The Shadow Tracer
Phantom Instinct

UNSUB novels:
Into the Black Nowhere

Happy reading, y’all.

Get signed, personalized books for the 2017 holidays

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The holidays are coming up, and of course you’re contemplating giving books as gifts to everyone you know and love. Right?

If you’d like to get copies of my novels, you can now arrange for me to scribble in them, no matter how far away you live or whether you catch me in person when I have a pen in my hand. Thanks to my fantastic local bookstore, Book People in Austin, you can order signed, personalized copies of my novels. The store ships across the USA and internationally.

Book People doesn’t have a hard deadline for holiday shipping, but the sooner you order, the better.

UPDATE! Book People says:

To ensure orders make it somewhere in time for Christmas, we ask that they be placed before (not on) December 19th at the absolute latest. Making an order that late would require UPS shipping, our more expensive option, so customers looking to ship through USPS should place orders before the 12th to be sure they make it on time. UPS shipping typically takes 3 to 5 business days and USPS typically takes 5 to 10 business days.

If you’d like to order copies of my books and have me sign them, call (512) 472-5050 or CLICK HERE.

And once you order my books, you can keep on going and order books by other authors as well. Book People has a whole store full of them. What are you waiting for?

The Dirty Secrets Club Italian edition

Piccoli Sporchi Segreti

It’s always a happy day at my house when books arrive. Here’s the Italian edition of The Dirty Secrets Club. It’s Piccoli Sporchi Segreti. Who can translate? Anybody? Okay, Google: Dirty Little Secrets.

The tagline underneath the title reads: “Nasconderli é facile. Svelarli é ungioco. Mortale.” Google tells me this means “Hide and easy. Reveal them and a game. Deadly.” I suspect that Google is not the most elegant of translators.

Mistakes people make about my book titles

Let me clear a few things up.

1. China Lake is not a travel book.

2. The German edition of The Dirty Secrets Club is Die Beichte — “The Confession.” It’s pronounced “Dee Bye-shtuh.” Not Die Bitch.

3. My current novel is not titled Rancid River. To the person shocked I would call my novel something so ridiculous: I didn’t.

Juegos Perversos: Dirty Secrets Club Spanish edition

The Spanish edition of The Dirty Secrets Club has just been published by Circulo de Lectores in Barcelona. And the cover is — the word is wow. That’s one spectacular pair of legs.

The title translates as Twisted Games.

Halloween reading: get scared with Evan Delaney and Jo Beckett

Halloween is in five days. And before you carve your jack-o’-lanterns and plan your trick or treating route and plant an army of zombie garden gnomes on your front lawn, you’re going to need some Halloween books. What, oh what, will you read this year?

Don’t forget that two of my novels take place around All Hallows Eve.

In China Lake, Evan Delaney faces off against an apocalyptic sect that believes Halloween is a “doorway to evil” that allows demons to escape from hell and infiltrate our world.

In The Dirty Secrets Club, Jo Beckett faces off against earthquakes, Klingons, a crazed Capuchin monkey, and a couple of homicidal maniacs.

Just sayin’.

San Francisco: the perfect crime scene

Here’s a tribute to San Francisco and the classic crime movies set in the city. The film was made by Serena Bramble and screened at the opening ceremonies of this year’s Bouchercon.

And if you didn’t understand why I love San Francisco and set the Jo Beckett novels there, this ought to help.

(Via Janet Rudolph.)

The Dirty Secrets Club: Yomiuri Shimbun review

Mandatory self-pimpery alert and reminder that this blog is called lying for a living

Here’s the review of The Dirty Secrets Club from Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, by novelist Shunichi Doba. Because my Japanese is nonexistent, I’m relying for translation on my Japanese literary agent:

He scored 95 points for it (“this is a smash hit!”), praised the fast paced plot and  great characterization, and says that the unique profession of Jo stimulates our curiosity and that it’s an exciting read!

Domo arigato!

*End self-pimpery*

The Dirty Secrets Club: Japanese edition

Here’s the Japanese edition of The Dirty Secrets Club. I love these books. The covers are cool, the text looks beautiful, and even the paper feels luxurious. Arigato!

Combat rescue

Readers of the Jo Beckett novels know that her boyfriend, Gabe Quintana, is a PJ — a pararescueman with the 129th Rescue Wing of the California Air National Guard. PJs perform search and rescue on land, at sea, and underwater. They also serve as combat medics. This video, by filmmaker and veteran MrGlory, offers a glimpse of the work they do in combat search and rescue.

These guys are awesome. And that’s an understatement. The epigraph at the end of the video — “So That Others May Live” — is their motto.

My Book, The Movie — the Jo Beckett series

Back in August, I asked who you’d cast in a movie version of the Jo Beckett series. Now my own answers are up at My Book, The Movie, where I have some fun casting fantastical screen editions of Jo and her friends.

I’m outside the box, thinking.

The characters in the Jo Beckett series live vividly, and sometimes obstreperously, inside my head. I know what they look like. So do readers—when I asked them who should play the characters in the movie, I got twenty-five different answers.

So, how can I pick a single cast? In this era of HD, 3D, avatars and performance capture, why collapse the possibilities to a single face? Let’s not. I’m casting Jo Beckett, The Movie with a few mashups.

Jo is a forensic psychiatrist—a deadshrinker. The Kirkus Mystery and Thriller Review called her a “rock climber, monkey wrangler, and confessor extraordinaire.” She needs spunk, intelligence, and some serious physicality.

Read the rest.

And here’s a special thank you to Marshal Zeringue, who runs the Campaign for the American Reader and all the blogs in the Campaign’s network, including The Page 69 Test, Writers Read, and The Page 99 Test, along with My Book, The Movie. The CftAR network is a treasure trove of fresh and intriguing information about authors and their books.

Die Beichte paperback edition. Ooh.

Because my wonderful German publisher, Heyne, has just published the paperback edition of Die Beichte (The Dirty Secrets Club) and because I love Heyne’s artwork for all my books, and because I want everybody who reads Deutsche to read about Jo Beckett in Deutsche, here’s the book cover.

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Dirty Secrets Club: Traditional Chinese edition

My book hits the road in a new language. I love the photo of the masks — the book is about what’s behind them.

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Le Dirty Secrets Club

Le Dirty Secrets Club est publié en France ce mois de février.

Fleuve Noir’s edition of The Dirty Secrets Club will be published in France this February. Next week, to be exact. And doesn’t the cover look sleek and enticing?

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