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A reminder: My books

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Every now and then, readers ask how many books I’ve written, and what the titles are. Here’s the list as of February 2019. Into the Black Nowhere is the most recent. Click on each cover to learn more about each title.

And if you want to know the order in which they’ve been published, here you go. From first to fourteenth:

Evan Delaney novels:
China Lake
Mission Canyon
Jericho Point
Kill Chain

Jo Beckett novels:
The Dirty Secrets Club
The Memory Collector
The Liar’s Lullaby
The Nightmare Thief

Stand alone novels:
Ransom River
The Shadow Tracer
Phantom Instinct

UNSUB novels:
Into the Black Nowhere

Happy reading, y’all.

Get signed, personalized books for the 2017 holidays

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The holidays are coming up, and of course you’re contemplating giving books as gifts to everyone you know and love. Right?

If you’d like to get copies of my novels, you can now arrange for me to scribble in them, no matter how far away you live or whether you catch me in person when I have a pen in my hand. Thanks to my fantastic local bookstore, Book People in Austin, you can order signed, personalized copies of my novels. The store ships across the USA and internationally.

Book People doesn’t have a hard deadline for holiday shipping, but the sooner you order, the better.

UPDATE! Book People says:

To ensure orders make it somewhere in time for Christmas, we ask that they be placed before (not on) December 19th at the absolute latest. Making an order that late would require UPS shipping, our more expensive option, so customers looking to ship through USPS should place orders before the 12th to be sure they make it on time. UPS shipping typically takes 3 to 5 business days and USPS typically takes 5 to 10 business days.

If you’d like to order copies of my books and have me sign them, call (512) 472-5050 or CLICK HERE.

And once you order my books, you can keep on going and order books by other authors as well. Book People has a whole store full of them. What are you waiting for?

Geheugenfout: The Memory Collector Dutch digital edition

You know I love to see foreign editions of my books. Here’s the latest: Geheugenfout, the Dutch digital edition of The Memory Collector.
The title translates as “Memory Error.”

I’m also excited to see e-book editions begin to appear in various languages. Cool.

My books hit the road: Sao Paolo

The Memory Collector has been found in the wild — in Brazil. And look who has hunted it down. It’s Snart.

I expect more pictures during Carnival, when I hope the novel, and Snart, will cavort in the streets. I want to see both of them at the Sambadrome, adorned with feathers and towering hats made of fruit.

Souvenirs de Sang

Here’s a new edition of one of the Jo Beckett novels, freshly translated. It opens:

Longtemps après, Seth n’avait rien oublié, l’air froid, la lumière rougeoyante qui zébrait le ciel vers l’ouest, la musique dans ses oreilles et son propre souffle profond. Longtemps après il comprit, et sa prise de conscience se ficha dans sa mémoire telle une épine. À aucun moment il ne les avait entendus arriver.

Can you guess which book it is? If not, I haven’t plastered enough clues around this post.

Souvenirs de Sang will be published in September by Fleuve Noir.

UK! Book! Giveaway!

To celebrate the upcoming British publication of my new novel, The Nightmare Thief, my UK publisher is giving away copies of earlier books in the Jo Beckett series. Yes, giving them away. This is to lure you into becoming addicted to the novels. It is an insidious plan that I enthusiastically endorse.

If you are a reader in the UK — meaning, for purposes of this giveaway, you have a UK mailing address — you can win one of these books.

This week, Blue Door is giving away The Memory Collector.

It’s first come, first served. Basic stuff. Here’s how it works: The first two people in the UK to post in the comments will get a copy.

So don’t wait.

Copies are also being given away via Twitter and Facebook. But don’t wait to post there either. Those folks are fast. Like Mr. Peebles with his grabby little hands, they are.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners, Gareth Uncles and David. Everybody else: I’ll have another giveaway next week.

The Memory Collector chosen for CrimeSquad’s Top Ten: Thanks!

How jazzed am I that has named The Memory Collector one of its Top Ten Books of 2010? Seriously jazzed.

Congratulations to all the authors on the list:  C.J. Sansom, Jo Nesbo, Sheila Quigley, Tom Cain, Simon Kernick, Chevy Stevens, Roger Smith, Diane Janes, and Don Winslow. It’s an honor to be in your company.