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The Shadow Tracer: reviews in The Beachcomber, Audiophile


The Shadow Tracer has received a couple of nice reviews, which are putting me in a mighty fine frame of mind.

The Beachcomber magazine has named my novel an Editor’s Pick, along with new books by Linwood Barclay and Spencer Quinn. I am thoroughly happy to be in their fine company.

It calls The Shadow Tracer a “Complex and exciting tale about a skip tracer and her daughter on the run from both the FBI and a truly scary religious cult.”

And Audiophile magazine reviews the audiobook edition of the novel: 

“Tanya Eby’s narration of this suspense-filled novel is compelling… Eby sets a fast pace for this action-filled adventure in which Sarah and Zoe find themselves on the run from two parties: the religious cult directed by Zoe’s grandfather and the FBI agent who is using Zoe as bait to close in on the cult. Eby captures the essence of the strong and resourceful Sarah, the resilient and endearing Zoe, and the friends who support them, as well as the sinister cult members.”

I never doubted that Tanya Eby would do a terrific job narrating the audiobook — she also narrated Brilliance Audio’s editions of the Evan Delaney novels. I’m so glad she has given such a convincing voice to Sarah Keller.

Ransom River: AudioFile magazine review

Kudos to Brilliance Audio and Angela Dawe, who has done a wonderful job narrating the audiobook edition of Ransom River. Here’s AudioFile’s review:

“Angela Dawe’s polished performance captures the tension, along with vivid descriptions and believable characterizations. She portrays Rory’s anxiety as she reconnects with childhood friend Seth Colder, an undercover officer who warns her about dirty cops. Her depictions of manipulative cousin Nerissa and bullying stepbrother Boone are especially strong. Listeners will be unable to guess the story’s outcome.”

Thanks, and well done.