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Parents, what are you thinking?

It’s that time of year again: I’m starting a new book. Which means I need to populate it with characters. Who need names.

So as always, I pull out 10,000 Baby Names. I also go online to various parenting sites to see what names are catching on this winter.

I am not well pleased.

From a site for expectant parents, here are suggestions for last names that can be turned into first names.

Jackson, Jameson, Parker, Nixon, Franklin, Davis, and Smith.


Also: Babynames.net has a list titled “Bad-boy Names.” It includes Arsen (‘virile, potent, strong’).

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? Can’t they stick with normal names, like Bubba and Trixie?

Monday links: nuclear hijackers, swimming horses, crazy baby names…

… And more.

To start: the real-life House at Pooh Corner is for sale.

Christopher Robin Milne, the son of Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Milne, grew up in this quaint brick manse in the English countryside…. Known as Cotchford Farm, and on the market for the first time in more than 40 years, the Grade II listed estate spans 9.5 acres of lawns, forest, and streams. The six-bedroom main house, the quintessential English country house if there ever was one, is listed for $3.22M.

But beware the pool — it’s where Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones met his doom.

Next, working with radioactive materials apparently isn’t enough of a rush for some people:

A man who operates reactors at a nuclear power plant was “thrill seeking” when he put on a mask and hijacked a woman’s car at gunpoint, DuPage County authorities said Friday.

Michael Buhrman, a senior reactor operator at Dresden Nuclear Power Plant in Morris, was charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking.

The loaded gun and Halloween mask, it seems, were just for style.

Third, Ron Gilbert sends news of what’s happening in our hometown, Santa Barbara: Arabian show horse rescued after swimming three miles into ocean.

This story is stuffed full of Southern California goodness. (1) The horse was on the beach for a photo shoot. (2) His name is Air of Temptation, but his nickname is William. (3) “His owner, Mindy Peters, a movie producer, told Huffington Post that he had never been swimming in his life.” (4) It happened at Loon Point.

Ron writes: “Better get Evan Delaney on the case!” Oh, Ron. Evan would consider this just another day at the beach in Santa Barbara.

And finally: 102 of the Most Unusual Baby Names of 2011. Trew, Moo, Evening? Tron? Gotti? What the hell is wrong with these parents?