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This is the world that we live in

It’s baffling out there. Things that confuse and amaze me:

Wouldn’t this man’s prowess with the electric saw merely prove his fitness for a job?  Austrian saws off own foot to avoid work.

And here I thought Easter was about chasing the Easter Bunny into a trap with sticks and dogs. Easter Egg Hunt canceled because of aggressive parents. “Organizers of an annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children have canceled this year’s event, citing the behavior of aggressive parents who swarmed into the tiny park last year, determined that their kids get an egg.”

I thought Spinal Tap had taught everybody: If you’re going to stuff your jockey shorts, use a cucumber.  Man arrested after “abnormal bulge” in underpants. “Police allegedly found nine stolen credit cards, a loaded firearm, about 180 ecstasy tablets, about 28 grams of amphetamines and a large amount of cash hidden down the man’s pants.”

Why was nobody fighting for Trisha Yearwood? Country Music Debate Leads to Hammer Attack. “An argument about country music stars Reba McEntire and Loretta Lynn escalated into a domestic dispute that has Savannah-Chatham police looking for a man believed to have attacked two people with a hammer Tuesday.”

Never, in years of owning pets, has this happened to me. What am I doing wrong? Businessman’s snake vomits cash.

And finally: Yo quiero tacocopter. I need this service. How do I petition the FAA to let tiny robot drones deliver to tacos to me?

Tacocopter Aims to Deliver Tacos Using Unmanned Drone Helicopters.

(Thanks for most of these links to the inestimable Dave Barry. There’s much more at his blog.)