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Scene from a writer’s day

SETTING: My world

Me, to my son’s English girlfriend: If I write a story with a British character, will you read it to make sure she sounds authentic?

Girlfriend: Certainly! What’s the story about?

Son: Zombies, right? Zombies!

Me: No…

Girlfriend: What do English zombies sound like?

Son, in falsetto voice: “Braaaiiins, dahling!”

Girlfriend: Or, “Please, sir, may I have–”

Son: “–some braaaiiins?”

This is my life.

One woman, seventeen British accents

For Americans who think they know what a British accent sounds like: Siobhan Thompson brings you 17 of them, via a quick tour of the British Isles.

Have another bit of England

I spent this week teaching a creative writing workshop and then driving to Bristol for CrimeFest. Few things are lovelier than sunny spring days in England, when the lilacs and wild roses are in bloom and the farm fields roll on and on, green and rich, across the hills. CrimeFest was, as always, great fun. The commute was equally great, because while I was driving at 70 mph along the motorway, I kept hearing “Jerusalem” in my mind.

So here’s a version of that glorious hymn, with some English country views thrown in.

Hey, I’m flying to Austin in the morning. I get to be a bit sentimental about England today.

Finally: The United Kingdom explained

For everybody wondering what the difference is between Great Britain, the British Isles, the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the Commonwealth:

August: Snow and Roses

Here are two views of white stuff in August. Summer in England, winter in New Zealand. Above is my garden this morning, and below is Flakes’ driveway last night.

Flakes writes: “Only the second time it has snowed at our place in over fifty-something years! Sooooo exciting! It is possible that it may snow again today and tomorrow, I hope so! (Gee-whiz, can you spot the snow-newbie?!)”

As a southern Californian, I am an eternal snow-newbie. I share your excitement, even from 12,000 miles away.