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Today in New York

1. Several firsts: Today on the streets of New York City I saw…

  • Somebody wearing Google Glass. The dude stared at me staring at him, and he almost walked into a telephone pole.
  • A shrine to Ganesh.
  • The Oscar-Mayer Wienermobile. And before you ask, (1) I didn’t get a whistle, (2) I didn’t get a photo, and (3) I didn’t get to drive it. Because, if I had been quick enough to get a whistle and a photo, I would have also been quick enough to Wienerjack the thing, and would this moment be driving it at high speed across the Brooklyn Bridge, whooping and showering the city with hotdogs.

2. Kindle owners: The Shadow Tracer is currently available for the discounted price of $11.04. This is apparently thanks to yesterday’s federal court decision in the ebook pricing case. Who says lawyers never do anything nice for you? So go on and buy it, buy it right now before I run out of breath from the panic of self-promotion, buy it right here.

3.  Mystery Scene magazine has named The Shadow Tracer one of its Eight Sizzling Summer Reads of 2013: “Meg Gardiner knows her stuff. It may just be a chase, but it’s one helluva chase. Pass the popcorn.”

Happy to.