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Stephen Fry: Love Language

Preach it, Stephen.

And for you loyal members of the Grammar Geeks Unit: We want to encourage standard grammar and punctuation to make sure people can understand what’s being written. It’s about communication, clarity, and courtesy. But using the language should never be a crabbed and deadening exercise in minutiae. It should be a joyous expression of a marvelous human facility.

Lost in translation Part oh-so-many: Britain v. the continent

Negotiating with the British: What we say versus what they understand.”

So true, in my experience. This is a case where culture trumps the literal words being said.

For word lovers: Loanwords

Loanwords: words adopted by the speakers of one language from a different language.

For linguists, historians, and lovers of the English language. Almost 2,000 years of words absorbed into English.

It’s no surprise that desperado comes from Spanish. But chowder comes from French Canadian? Mon dieu.