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Happy Holidays


As we head into the heart of the holiday season, I want to send you the warmest wishes. May the season be filled with books, writing, laughter, cookies, books, singing, magic, books, discussions about books, debates about books, more writing, editing, insights about the great stories of humanity, suspense, thrills, stacks of books, sleepless nights caused by fantastic books, pie, starry nights, sunny days, and, of course, books.

I snapped the photo in London, and am sending love from Austin, Texas.

Joy to the World, y’all.

Hello from London

Thames at Putney

I’m in the UK to teach a creative writing course and to attend CrimeFest. The jet lag feels like a bag of hammers was dropped on my head. After which somebody stuffed my head with feathers and shoved me into a vat of syrup. But while I try to wake up, taking a walk along the Thames on the south bank at Putney is a good way to get some fresh air.

Wait, what am I talking about? I need coffee. STAT.

Where in the world? Olympics edition

I snapped this photo a few days ago as I headed to this building for an Olympics-related event. (Yes, Olympics-related: current and past Olympians were present.  They included water polo players, table tennis players, a guy who had just come from his event at the rowing competition, and a swimming gold medalist at Rome in 1960. The rest of us cheered them mightily.)

This should be an easy one, but tell me: who recognizes the building?

Hint 1: To gain access I had to surrender my phone, camera, and car keys, and go through airport-like security.

Hint 2: A major action sequence in my novel Kill Chain starts on the spot where I was standing when I took the photo.

Sunny London

When a gal from California meets a gal from Chicago in London, this isn’t often the view — especially not in October. So I’m just going to revel in the fact that I got to play hooky with a law school buddy and hang out on such a sunny day.

(Thanks to Michelle F. for the snapshot. She’s currently busy sending it to every person she knows in Illinois.)

London riots

Horrifying, cruel, selfish, disgusting. I’m confounded right now.